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‘Spider’ and ‘Bigger Spider’ seemed a little too obvious. I’d prefer a more mythological name like the Kraken has.

Of those two strong candidates would be:

  • Arachne, unfortunately used a little too commonly but a good choice as you instantly get an idea of what the monster is due to the name.


  • Anansi, because Spider-God seems quite fitting for a creature large enough to eat you. A bit like Godzilla being king of the lizards.


Ooh, I like Anansi! Good one.


there is tho a problem, you see the monster names are somewhat mystical and fanstastique, but they are simple like goliath or behemoth so arachne or anansi doesn t work well enough since one isn t muchfantastical and the other is somewhat complicated in the sense if you hear the name you d be like " the fuck is this ?"


I like the mythical names too, I just suck at naming monsters :frowning:


Arachne is plenty mystical. Check out the source material:

But if you see the cultural section, you’ll understand why I say it’s overused. I know names do get recycled a lot but at this point it’s being bludgeoned to death.



I like when names doesn’t get too complex


nah doesn t work since it s more a word a title than a name :L


yeah it is way too overused we need something else


It is used as a name on other things, so sure it can.


eeeeeh well ok but eh


Eh on yourself! :rage:

Come up with a name instead of bashing on others name suggestions :wink:


First 3 options are used too much in society, will reduce the “special-ness” of the name. Gargantua seems too similar too Behemoth. They both suggest huge size. Needs to be different from the other monsters.

As I’ve said in another post on one of these threads, the name needs to have a perfect balance between adjective and noun, and also needs to suggest differences to other monsters.


Arachne. (10 char)




Widow and Arachne sound awesome. Same with Anasi and Gargantula


Please I want arachnid


Maybe…Scarab? or Ogre? Maybe even Giant Enemy Crab?


That rez though, holy…

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