First of all, April Fools.
Second of all, I came across a very strange bug where I was playing as the Monster… but I wasn’t a Monster. I’ll let the screenshots do the talking.

Spawned in to the world, note my two bars of a slither of health and Monster cross hair. I could only walk slowly at a constant pace, no jumping or climbing or anything. I couldn’t attack, eat, nor would any Wildlife react to me. Judging by the fact that I walked near the Hunters without them doing anything would indicate I couldn’t be seen at all.

I could sniff out Wildlife, the Hunters, and even the AI controlled Kraken. Stuff like Wildlife Perks were also highlighted.
Then the inevitable happened shortly after the first dome fell…

An interesting bug, I’ve never seen it before. Perhaps the 5th Monster will attack the Hunters by judging them silently from afar?


Yeah there are several posts abou this bug. I think the devs know about this and are working on it


Moving to bugs category and this bug has been around since Big Alpha. Most likely some remnant of code that allowed for early spectating or map inspection.




Ah, makes sense.
If it helps at all, I was queuing for Hunt. The previous game I was in broke and everyone was stood still but everyone could type etc (you’ll know what I’m talking about, it’s a timeout or something) so I left early. After waiting out the 60 second leaver penalty, I re-queued and got thrown in to a match in progress that was just starting.


Ya, I had this bug in the Big Alpha. I’ve seen some people have this bug AND another monster in the same game :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately, this previously fixed issue is occurring again. For now, if this happens request a Round Restart and hopefully the Hunters will oblige you, all it takes is one.


If they won’t accept a round restart, the other workaround I have found is to kill the weird sprite you’re controlling. Since you’re on the monster’s “team”, this will put you into spectator mode on the monster. At that point you can take a break and resume to regain control.

You can do damage to yourself by climbing into a pool of acid, running out of bounds, and running in front of hunters bullets.


Ah, that’s the glitch that lets you play as the fifth Monster while watching an AI.

The Fifth Monster actually is a bug that is too small to see - great for sneaking and evading domes!

Let’s just hope it gets stronger at stage 3.


Usually, Hunters aren’t so generous…


Oh, thought you were playing a cloaked Mammoth Bird, 6th monster you know…


It would be the troll monster, would it not?


I actually heard it was a marsh strider.

It’s easier to find the nearest mammoth bird and run into its face a few times. Of course, tyrants, sloths, or anything else with an ill temper works as well.