New modes are unballanced and very easy for humans to play


Whole day was playing evacuation maps, and here is some cold facts that you can try to deny:

Deffend mode. The only kind of monster who can possibly win there - it’s Kraken, his chances are small, but the rest have literally zero chance to win. Why so?

  1. Distracting hunters from the generators will do nothing. I even tried to play against bots to proove it - and yes, your minions just cannot destroy generator in 6 minutes without your help, turrets will crush them. And it bot fight they are not even upgraded!
  2. So, you must hit generator yourself. For that you have 2 options - kill hunters, or ignore them. Not a big difference - because anyway you need to go to the generator trough big, open area, full of mines, bucket’s and stationary turrets, and full team of hunters. By the time you will land your first hit - you will be already without armor. Then you can run back to regein armor and do few more hits. And die.
  3. Also, you can give a fight to the hunters. On open territory, when they have set up deffence + turrets. Just like your last fight in hunt mode, but… hunters can respawn. Again and again. You - cannot. I think that even new players will find out that losing in this mode as a humans is very hard task to do.
  4. Going back to Kraken. The only way to win. By shooting from distance. They will come to you and fight you (because your minions cannot do shit and dying on the enterence), so they will just fight your as an average lvl3 monster. Even if they lose - they spawn, lock you in the dome and finish, like in any regular game mode.

I never saw monster winning this mode. At all.

Second - it’s that egg hunt mode, forgot that it’s name is.

Things here even more simple, monster have 2 options:

  1. Attack full team of humans on lvl1 and lose.
  2. Grow to lvl2. While monster will do it, they will finish off 5 or 6 eggs already (depends on if you going to take some armor after evolving or not). And they not splitting up, they going as a full team, and yes, it goes very fast. Fight a desperate battle, because if you retreat - they will just finish off the eggs. Yes, monster can win on lvl2, that is not impossible, but only one try to do it - its too much for most of the monsters.

And yes, hatching an egg are just helping humans. Mini-goliaths dying in 4-5 seconds, so if you hatch an egg - you will just make it run to the humans, so they dont need to walk a long way to kill it.

This is… sadness. Do you even tested those modes? What did xbox players say about them after beta?


Egg hunt is easy enough to win as monster. Not much different than regular hunt.

Defend I cannot do as Wraith, easy as Kraken, Goliath is quite doable. Just don’t forget to feed for armor. You’re fast enough they can’t stop you. Deciding between hunters/turrets is difficult, but if you kill the turrets then the minions can solo. Make use of his large armor bar. Realize you WILL need fire breath against bucket/markov.


Defend is totally possible but you’re approaching it wrong. Your goal as the alpha is not to actually destroy the generator, but to destroy the turrets and distract the hunters. If the hunters refuse to come at you, then yea, destroy the generator, but only if they refuse to go on you or the turrets/hunters are down for the most part.

This job is fairly easy as both Kraken and Wraith(abduction so good for this omg). Goliath’s Rock Throw does some fairly massive damage to the generator if they don’t block it with their faces. The biggest issue I see from monsters is that they don’t target the turrets, and they try to rush it. You have 6 minutes per generator and like 8 for the power source, you really don’t need to rush it.

As for nest…yea…it’s impossible if you don’t have major auto balances. The zero balance minion dies in 2 toxic grenades ffs lol. I mean if the hunters are really dumb/new…then sure you stand a chance but not really if they properly split. They should already have 2 eggs down and working on 3rd/4th as you’re evolving to stage 2. It’s pretty rough and if they did the split properly, the last 2 eggs will be across the map from each other so you literally can’t defend them both leaving you with just the one egg to defend, and they’ll just focus it and kill it before you can kill them all.

That’s not to say I haven’t won nest as monster with 2 auto balances going to the hunters, but…I only won that because the last 2 eggs were close enough that I was sort of able to defend them both, and turned the half health one into a minion to help me defend the last one. Had it not been those 2 eggs in particular, it wouldn’t have happened and I would have lost.


I personally really REALLY hate Rescue. Haven’t won a single one of those yet as monster because they get beamed up instantly, I literally knocked one into the platform with charge and it instantly went up, and another I knocked unconscious and it landed on the platform and also went up, WHY?!
At the same time, I had a Survivor stand inside a Radiation Cloud and it died, like 3 times before it finally went out of it.

Electric Eels boost is useless as all hell, had an assault with 1 strike and no shield stand in it and he didn’t lose ANY health, WTF?!


You forgetting that in all deffent maps you HAVE to go in straight line to get to the generators, you cannot strike from behind - so you always will be losing all your armour before you even reach the generator, unless hunters cannot shoot at all or you will use invis as wraith (but once you appear near turret - her low armor will be destroyed in second, if it will not be blowen out by mines before), because you cannot aviod their bullets while you approaching trough the corridor-like level.
So each time you strike you WILL lose hp, and at the end you will be left without any to attack the main ship.


First Please put the name of game mode in title.

Now I do agree with you that the Evacuation game play is in the favor of the hunters. And needs some balancing.

I was playing 2 bots and 2 people as Goliath. Easily won the Hunt that is something that is the main gameplay of the game. Great balance there.

First things first this game is built around the monsters being able to pick there fights and balanced around that in skirmish. You can go in and out of fights gaining armor and weakening the opponent. This whole evacuation forces the monster to fight on hunters terms. You do not gain health back and that is the biggest life force of the monster. And are forced to engage more without armor because of time limits.

The Egg Hunt easy for the humans. They split up and can actually quickly deal with eggs if you choose not to hatch. If you do hatch eggs the monsters just go one by one and give easy targets to hunters. By the time you reach lvl 2 and get armor your usualy down to 1 to 2 eggs. Smart teams can set up and snipe these down with no issue. I did this easily with Val and Cabot. Laughed as the wraith ran around with his head cut off wondering who is destroying his egg and where the guy is. Monster does not gain enough time to get evolved and gain his footing.

Rescue this is another one in the hunters favor. You can get the first 2 to 4 hunters rescued before stage 2 evolution and armor is up. Just not enough time for the monster to get his footing.

Last but not least the Defense. If they win the round before this consider yourself screwed. Markov and Bucket just need to spam there mines and turrets. Not only this I can have both bars of health knocked off each hunter then they magically gain it back and have all 4 have full life. I have been on both sides as a hunter the first power core is for sure doable. Problem is usually you do end up leaving yourself at part hp. Making the next one very hard because you need to go down in a small space destroy the turrets while hunters have fun shooting fish in a bowl. And your dumb AI friends just beat on power core as hunters kill away.

This is expericence from goliath stand point. I could see wraith having easier time because of his skill sets.


No you don’t have to go in a straight line, there’s usually at least 5 different paths to each generator. You don’t need to get behind them to deal damage. Every monster has a way to deal with the turrets from “range”.

Goliath: Rock Throw. Also Leap Smash->Charge->Jump out.
Kraken: Lightning Strike, Banshee Mines, Vortex.
Wraith: Warp Bomb->Supernova->Decoy

Of these…Rock Throw, Lightning Strike, Banshee Mines, and Vortex are all completely safe. While the rest cause you to take minimal damage. You can get off the wraith combo twice before losing your armor. If you’re losing your armor on the first time, you need to reevaluate how you’re targeting.

There’s only one generator that’s honestly hard to get at and I forget the name of the map but it sits in a hole and it’s the 2nd generator of the level.

You should be able to evolve to stage 2 before the first survivors escape. Hell, if you’re in the right area, you can fight at full armor before they get out at stage 2.

If you’re losing more than 25% of your health per generator, re-evaluate your approach. You’re either staying in too long, or not destroying the turrets quickly enough. Remember, you have multiple waves of minions to utilize and soak damage for you.


The minion monsters not attacking the turrets is a major problem. They should be there to give the monster an opening just like any moba. So the real flow should be attack turrets then if no turrets attack the generator.


It would be incredibly easy to win if the minions went after the turrets unless they seriously buffed turret health.


Ah this is amazing.

During press playing with really skilled players defend was well known as the auto monster win. On the first day lots of people felt how you feel. After about a week monsters figured it out and defend, even with pips in the favour of hunters and upgraded turrets was a steam roll for the monster. Pretty much the only monster who isn’t great at it is Wraith. Goliath completely owns at defend. I have never defeated a good goliath on defend.

The most basic tips I can give you;
Only go in with the minions, they respawn every 30 seconds and take one of 3-5 random routes depending on the generator.

If you are nearly out of armour, run and get more then come in with the next wave.

Use ranged attacks to take out turrets early, a level 3 rock throw with the 15% damage perk will one shot a turret, even upgraded.

Use flame breath to clear out mines, harpoons and bucket turrets, max flame breath for more range.

I will leave the rest for you to figure out, good luck!


Well, they die in 3-5 seconds if all team shots them. You dont have to let them get near turrets)


Why aren’t you distracting them? Btw, 3-5 seconds is a definite exaggeration if you won the previous round. I’m not really sure about how fast they drop when the hunters have the advantage though…though 3-5 still sounds like an exaggeration in that scenario…destroy the mines and they fall very slowly.


…It’s not humanly possible for you to draw such conclusions after playing for ONE DAY and expect people to take you seriously


No…the only one they might have an advantage on is Defend (duh) and Nest. Nest because they can rush all nests EXTREMELY fast with some comps. Defend=Kraken=GG.


Played the Alpha and the Beta. I think each mode is balanced thus far. Wraith can easily beat the Hunters at Defend (Wraith can beat Hunters at anything). Goliaths can do it too, they have before. Use the minions to your advantage. They often tend to distract the Hunters, and that’s when you go in for the kill.

In other modes like Nest, you have to play smart. If there’s a lone Hunter attacking an egg, go for it. If the team sticks together, jump them after they get the first egg while they travel to the next one. Anything to stall enough time to get some of those eggs to hatch.

As far as Rescue goes, I haven’t had any experience in that mode as a monster. From what I can tell, attacking the NPC’s getting rescued helps somewhat, but as long as the Hunters save at least one or two of those NPC’s, they win. Maybe it’d be best to hunt them down and stop them instead of fixating on the NPC’s.


It’s a mixture of both. You have to go on the hunters, but you can’t forget about the survivors. They have to rescue 5 just like you have to kill 5.


I agree with you. The new modes make it EXTREMELY hard for the monsters. Even if you are playing evacuation and you win every match, defend is absolutely insane. I managed to win nest, rescue, and 2 hunts during the one evacuation game I played. And then, I got crushed in defend. The turrets just shred you and of course the hunters just pick the best defending team. So I’m playing against a Val, Bucket, Maggie, and Markov team.

I didn’t even get past the first generator. I even had the buff for my minions so they got ‘armor’. I feel like the hunters just have it so easy in that mode, with godlike defense turrets everywhere.

Anyways, just my thought. I like the new game modes, but I’ll stick to hunt until they are more balanced.


We played through Evacuation in a private lobby with the Monster being a bot. We had a different experience.

On Nest, we lost on the first egg almost immediately. Within 30 seconds of arriving to the egg, the monster had already leveled up to lvl 2 and called in his buddies. So we had at least 1 Wraith and a Goliath on top of us. We had barely had a chance to defend ourselves before they unleashed a brutal attack and killed us before we got the first egg destroyed. The next time we played it, we did better, but only just barely. We won with 1 human left because I got very lucky.

On Rescue, we failed that one. We got to the first group of survivors, rescued them and they beamed up without the monsters even making an effort to show up. We got to the 2nd group as they were being attacked, on the other side of the map. They all died as soon as we got there. The 3rd group appeared again on the opposite side of the map. By the time we ran all the way back over there, they were dead and we failed.

On Defend, we won both times but the monsters/minions destroyed the 1st generator each time. We only won the 2nd time because the time ran out before the monster could destroy the last generator and it was really close. lol


30 seconds…at the egg…and you didn’t destroy it? How? Hell a single hunter can solo them faster than that…and you make it sound like you’re travelling as a group of 4…I’m so confused…


All 4 of us were firing everything we had into the egg and it was barely taking any damage. By the time we were all piles of ashes, the egg wasn’t even half destroyed.