New mode/ Fundamental Change


It’s no secret that most people don’t enjoy playing/ don’t want to learn playing the monster. I assume most people that checked out the game do so based on the coop aspect of it (ie playing the hunters only). The issue seems to stem from the fact that playing the monster consists of you running away most of the match and the general feeling of powerlessness especially against a coordinated team. Feel free to snipe some of these suggestion, but what if:

-The monster is actually a monster and absolutely wrecks the hunters at any stage.
-The hunters only lose when the generator is destroyed.
-Evolving is the only source of HP and armor for the monster.
-Wildlife is somewhat limited so killing it as hunters to prevent faster evolution is an idea
-The dropship timer could be individual to each hunter and you could sacrifice some time while in the drop ship by using things like planet scans or some sort of orbital drill if the monster is attacking the generator.

Pretty much each match is about the hunters trying to whittle away at the monster and kill it before it destroys the generator.


Then the game would be monster favored…?

Then there will be games that drag on for a longer time than they should because the monster has to evolve to stage 3 to end the game.

Then there would be no difference between armor and health. I believe offensive comps would suffer because of the massively larger HP bar the monster would have to have, giving the monster a larger window to crush them in.

It was bad when monsters couldn’t eat any food on the map because hunters were able prevent the monster from being able to feed in multiple areas of the map. I don’t want this

I don’t they it is likely they will make that change.


Then Hunters complain and don’t have fun and then they leave.

So… what? The Hunters just endlessly shoot off the Monster but don’t actually have to fight him?

This takes away from one of the biggest reasons to play Monster, a power scale.

This was the case before but proved to be too Hunter advantageous.