New mode for evolve


6 hunters vs 2 monsters call it extinction,that would be Insane!!!
2 medics,2 assaultt,1 support and 1 trapper vs 2 monsters on 4 maps unique to that mode.


How about 30 Daisys and one monster


Plenty of reasons that would be unbalanced, but it could be fun anyways.


No. Just no. Majorly unbalanced, the game revolves around 4v1, and they would have to cut A LOT out of maps to make this work without constant lagginess and crashing.


6 hunters vs 2 monsters.
Only 1 trapper (two domes could cause major issues)
2 assaults and 2 healers.
(Support’s orbital drop/dust tagging & damage amp/sentries would all overload and be way unfair)


My friend’s (he doesn’t have Evolve atm) fav character in game is Daisy. He would love this idea. :heartpulse:


It’s been brought up a bunch here on the forums. I personally don’t like it. But that’s just me.

It wouldn’t work. The game is balanced around 4v1. They’d have to overhaul everything to make it work.


this game needs a fun mode … and this would be fun. they need to make huger maps for this and special monsters so this mode wouldn’t be unbalanced.


For 6vs2 the maps would be sufficent and they would not have to overhaul anything, but just scale the damage down a bit of the Monsters for that mode, sure would need some finetuning but THAT would every new mode need.

Maps and engine are capable of holding 6vs2 as already seen ingame (through glitches). Hunt with 2 Monsters is…interesting, sadly it was a short game (4vs2)…