New Mode and Spectator mode coming!


Topic may have already been made but i typed evolve in google and hit news and new modes and spectator mode is coming and aslo ranked matchmaking.

@MacMan is dis true or nawz?

EDIT BY @DamJess: Don’t talk about heroin.


Now we’re asking the serious stuff.

As for the unimportant ones yes gamemodes and spectator are coming but i think they got a tiny bit delayed in order to fix all the bugs/issues stuff



About the only sensible thing I’ve read from all of this guy’s post.

And yes, spectator mode and a new game mode is in development.


Oh @DamJess, I love you so much!

@DownLikeSyndrome I believe it is true! Also, you so crazy bro!


That is awesome/


He’s worse in voice chat. >.>


^ haterssssss


Are you DownLikSyndrome on Xbox One? Now I’m scared me thinks.


only da best