New Mini patch Goliath

So Goliath is the #1 OP monster now?

also whats the :

o Non-damaging stats buffed by ~40% (was 25)


Is he though? I havent personally had any problems fighting him. If so, hes the monster I would want to be OP if any.


He doesn’t feel OP at all playing him since this patch 5.1.

Search is your friend :wink:

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Omagawd Goliath is the exact opposite of OP.

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I think the monsters are all far away from being OP. You can rest easy.


Cause theirs only two states in this game guys UP or OP

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Hmm that’s exactly how I like to play - 3 points into 3 abilities… can’t wait to try it out now since I only play as Goldie,

The exact opposite of OP is balanced. This term… “Balanced”, can be used to describe all monsters.

Still dislike FB changes.

Wow, these changes to Goliath are an exact fit to my play style with him. Bad news for hunters.

It was an exaggeration. I of course didn’t mean UP or OP.

Goliath master race.


How is Goliath OP…?

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I agree that it’s different. Takes some getting used to. But after a couple games messing around with it, I like it. It has less utility but it is better at dealing damage. Just one Goliath’s opinion though.

Pretty sure MG’s Fire Breath still has the extended duration. So maybe he might suit you better for the future? Unless you don’t like him for other reasons.

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