New Mine Map was rough for me


Faced a Maggie, Sunny, Val and Torvald.

I was Goliath.

It was painful. Painful. My lack of traversal, the choke points, the long strait tunnels, Sunny’s speed boost, Vals slow, Daisy’s tracking, it all lead to one huge Ouchie.

Oh, and bumping my head on the doors was no fun. I feel I should clear them easily if I am sneaking and not get slowed down. Also, please put some health bars on the crates. I would like to know my progress.

Any tips on this map for Goliath?


There are health bars on crates you got to look at them.


They out on PC yet broken hill foundry and mines? I don´t see them in custom.


Practice. Anything new takes some adjusting too. Even when I went on tonight, since I main trapper and didn’t look at videos of these maps, I got lost and stuck overall as a hunter going through. I bet you will get better once you play it a few times more.

Just know the three areas: Construction site, the Grotto area, and the high elevation area.


It took some getting used to for me (I’m on Xbox one so had it for a month).

You gotta learn to use the levels to your advantage, easy to juke hunters


Exploit the verticality and the maze-like structure. I’ve only played a few matches on the new maps but I can dance around the Hunters pretty easily.


Thanks everyone. I’ll keep these in mind. Looking forward to mastering these new maps. :slight_smile: Maybe some solo time for a bit to at least get the layout.

As for health bars on crates. never saw one. Wonder why.


Once you get used to this map you will destroy the hunters. At least I do okay lots of bad places for hunters to fight in this map.


To be honest, I thought it would be great for me. But the hunter combo was rough. I simply could not create space and had issues during combat. Mainly my bad play in the combat side of things. When I get domed too early I can usualy do a good job evading, but my typical routine was not possible in that confined space. :slight_smile:


You will do better trust me once you learn the map you will crush them in the Small areas. Took me a little while


re quoting myself from another thread


Thanks! This is great! Sorry I missed your original posting. Lazy me. :frowning:


yeah they are, just hit slagtown. is a GREAT map for wraith!


The crates have health bars, it’s the red crate icon. The mine is a rough map for Goliath, his traversal amounts to nothing in those tunnels, and the doorways are bad for Monsters in general - very easy to get trapped in one of the side areas while Hunters can just camp the chokepoint where all the exits are. But anytime you get into a fight you’re in a cave, so there’s that. It’s better for a sneaky Wraith or a Behemoth covering a lot of ground. I like Foundry though, the tall buildings, multiple levels, cramped corridors - it’s a nice mix of elements; it’s much bigger than it feels because of all the different levels.