New meta found


if u r playing against low-mid skill players well get

ALL TAKE HEALTH REGEN and just sit at a spot where u can shoot the monster at the relay and wait 10mins for it to reach stage 3 and win dumb af i know but it works we had a 11win streak as the hunters with this until we got anal pentrated by a elite goliath i still have back pains


The issue with Maggie Bucket is that both are good Trackers. You really only need one good Tracking ability on a team.

Edit: Oh you’re talking about relay defense. Don’t do this people >_>


Srs question: Does Daisy get health regen too?


Yes Daisy gets all buffs/perks that are currently being applied on Maggie. Debuffs are applied specifically to the character/NPC(daisy).


Thanks, didn’t know that.
Learning something new everyday :slight_smile: .


Kraken : What did you say? MINES? HARPOON TRAPS? ROBOTS?
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO just taste my lightning strike!! and Banshee mines!! and vortex too!

but ALL HEALTH REGEN sounds horrible to monsters. D:


Actually Bucket is REALLY good anti-kraken…just FYI. His missiles being able to be laser guided to the target helps to hit a kraken who’s flying around and the range on the turrets is larger than you think if placed properly. Even if the kraken is out of range, turrets help with denial of area.

Also, in that regard 2* and 3* Harpoon traps can actually trigger on Kraken from like 20m away. So maggie is not useless at all.

The only trap that becomes less useful against Kraken is Markov’s mines, but I feel like if you REALLY want to try and use Markov against Kraken, then you need an Abe for stasis grenades to force the Kraken to the ground more often.

Lastly, Lazarus is probably the worst to go against a Kraken. To be fair, I think Caira or Val is better if you’re fighting a stage 1 or 2 monster. Lazarus only starts to shine a little against stage 3 monsters.


Meta vs noobs? no… bucket is hands down the most useless character in the game. And paired with Maggie that’s just cancer. I love how much you troll these forums.