New Memory Bug?


So was just playing a round as Goliath against @MrStrategio and some others, we were in a pretty close game, I was hoping to close it out at stage 3 only a few bars of health but the assault was down and I had damage buff…and then…

The game freezes. No big deal, ctrl+alt+del, see that memory usage is at 98%??? I have 16 GB of RAM soooo that’s a tad odd, then the entire computer locked up and required a reboot.

Might be a one time thing but it was the first game I’ve played since the patch.


Those scary moments. :fearful: I play on my ps4, I don’t have a nifty gaming computer, but my heart always flutters whenever Behemoth freezes my game. I would generally wait a moment, and then freak out when I noticed I could still just leave game and it didn’t toally crap out on me. Only once or twice have I actually had to unplug my Playstation because it just FROZE during a match, and wouldn’t let me go to the home screen or anything… Those moments are scary. :persevere:

I always blame myself. I’m like, “WHY DO I PLAY SO MUCH?!??”


Whoa. I’ll keep an eye out for this. It must be a massive leak for this to happen on PC (if Evolve caused it). But it would have to be rare, and happen all at once rather than continuously, or the consoles wouldn’t last a second. I assume you have typical virtual memory settings in Windows (hopefully untouched)?

Edit: reply intended for OP


So I think I may have seen this a couple of times too (on PC), I’m not sure if it’s that huge of a memory leak but it’s a pretty terminal freeze since you can’t alt tab out. I’m lucky enough to have multiple screens so I’ve been keeping my task manager open just in case, I’d say this has happened a couple of times to me in the last two weeks. Will try to pay attention to things and get info if it happens again.


Yea, haven’t changed any settings.

This is the only time it’s happened but it was the first game I had played too after the patch. Played a fair bit since and it hasn’t happened again. I’ll be sure and update this thread if it happens again.