New Member Looking for PS4 Friends


Hey guys first want to say that I have been lurking the forum for a couple months now and Im really excited about the game. You guys have kept me entertained and have posted a lot of awesome content. I just wanted to say that I’m looking for some new friends to play evolve with on Tuesday and what better place to look for new friends then in this dedicated community.

My PS4 id is MikeWill78

My PS plus account is not active right now so I don’t know if that will affect getting friend requests or not but it will be back active Tuesday for sure lol. I’m a down to earth cool dude I just want to play with people that will use high level strategies and not just a bunch of random guys. Look forward to hunting with you guys!



Ill add you.


Awesome look forward to playing with you


Nice avatar btw lol even though we all know Vegeta is the best


Haha, you make me laugh. Vegeta, i call him Vegina, suck.


hahaha dont do the prince of saiyans like that man


Too bad…


If you’re on FB search Evolve PS4, we have a fair few members now. Good Luck and Enjoy :slight_smile:


And if you are looking for competitive play, civ also has a thread for that.


Yea I noticed that but no FB for me I had to turn mine off to many old “friends” trying to come back around when they see you doing well


mind linking?



Uh the link messed up.


Press the arrow pointing right.


got it thanks man


No worries, i’ll add your PSN to our group list if you wish?


Added u Imdaday :slight_smile:


Yes please thanks


awesome see you tuesday!