New Medic Idea - The Medlab Medic


So, when I first saw Slim, I was pretty darn excited. Not SLIM slim, mind you, but his outline. I believed that he would be coming from the Medlab on Shear. Why? Because, my dear friends, MEDPODS. What do you get when you win Medlab? Huge medpods that can remove strikes and heal you almost instantly! Now, I’ve seen a lot of talk about unconventional medics, and my idea was this (yes I know there are holes in the idea!)

What if the Medlab medic could drop a special medpod? Lazarus only has his HB, but his thing is that he can remove strikes and resurrect hunters! My idea is that the new medic would also only have his or her healing burst, but instead of resurrecting dead hunters, this medic could set down a portable medpod that would be shielded, and must be destroyed by the monster as the shield drone must be! When a hunter enters the medpod, it heals them to full in 3-10 seconds, and at 15 seconds, it removes the strikes. If the monster destroys the medpod when someone is in it however, the person is incapped and or killed in the explosion. Another possibility is that the monster’s destruction of the pod leaks to nearby plants in a 50-100m radius, allowing the monster to eat them and regain a bit of health, so as to make this medic high-risk high-reward. What do you think? Comment below! Have fun!

EDITS (will be posted as ideas go)

  1. Medic is from Medlab, can call down medbays from orbit that can damage the monster slightly, using goggles like what Cabot and Hank use. Medbay calldown has 20-30 second cooldown between uses
  2. Medbay can either
    a. Heal instantly
    b. Heal 50% faster than Val’s medgun
  3. Medbay is shielded to protect occupants, can withstand a Stage Three goliath rock throw
  4. If a hunter has strikes, medbay takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to remove one strike - leaving hunters vulnerable
  5. If the medbay is destroyed, and a hunter(s) are occupying it, the medbay then will malfunction and kill the hunters by irradiating the occupants with whatever fungus the medguns run on, thus killing them due to over saturation, causing their corpses to (possibly be thrown from the machine and) be eaten by the monster to regain a portion of his health

Single shot, reload of five to ten seconds. Places a target on the monster 75% smaller than Lazarus’s target. Deals .5x damage than normal, but anything that hits the target deals damage directly to monster’s health. Idea being the railgun can piece the hide, but only those with accurate weaponry/superior aim can hit the target, so as not to make it overpowered. Deals 5-10% of a bar of health to a monster. Maximum of 3 targets at any time.

Three shot clip (or one) same reload as above. Idea is that, like a hollow point bullet, it will expand upon impact into a cone. Places targets that deal 1.5x damage a bit smaller than Lazarus’s targets, on the front, and three targets that deal 2x on his back, as if the hollow point round has entered and exited the monster, “blowing out” the backside which is why there are more targets. Example: Medic is being focused, fires at Goliath’s chest. 3x hit multiplier target is applied to the monster’s chest, and another set of targets is applied at the exit point on the monster’s back. This way, if the Medic is being focused, the target will be a deterrent for the monster as he now must back off to avoid being hit anymore from the back. Deals 10 to 20% damage to a bar of monster’s armor, and possibly (if not OP) will deal 2% damage to a bar of health on the monster

None yet


BOOSTERS: AOE buff that grants hunters the ability to jump 300-400% higher than their current jump height for 30 seconds, allowing for quick escapes in combat/other ways to reach the medbay without the monster swatting them

HOLO DECOY: Based off Wraith’s decoy ability, the Medic will be able to release an AI holographic decoy that will attack the monster, but do no damage. The Medic will either
A. Release two holographic decoys, and still be visible

B. Release one holographic decoy, and turn invisible for twenty seconds.

Decoys last until either destroyed or time out after 20 seconds

None yet

Who'd we want first? Tier 5 Medic or Support?
Emet First Looks / Abilities Revealed!

This would promote Flee till 3, which hunters hate, which would cause anger, and probably even more monster nerfs /salt

I do like the idea of a healing medbay tho, just pass through and be healed back to full, would require some awesome positioning and movement from your friends.


Praise teh medbays.


Possibly, it could be something like the strikes are removed after a minute or two, requiring the hunters to sort of bunker down for a while, allowing the monster to kill those trying to remove strikes by a ranged attack?


I’ve wanted medbays but if it takes off strikes it’s too OP.


How beefy are the medbays exactly?


From 5% to 100 in maybe 10-20 seconds? A bit faster than Caira’s healing grenades or 25% faster than.val’s medgun?


Personally I think it should be a insta heal, 10-100 in a second, but only if you can reach it of course. Strike removal, if at all, should take 30 second. What I really wanna know, what is the health of the medbay itself? Will it be a “heavy ability=1 hit KO” or a bit tanky?


Cool had a simaler idea on anouther thred, here’s my take on it:

“Another cool idea would be having a med who is able to call down med-bay drops like the ones you get for winning Medlab on evac. (hunters) but from the ship (in a way simaler to Hanks Orbital Barrage) yet without the strike removal and with more healing” - We’ve had enough conventional healers... Time to get funky! post 7

Know what thay say grate mind’s think alike :smile:

I think strike removel would be a bit much though… discust it with a guy on that thred - here’s a brakedown of it:

"[me] however it would be similar to a monster with an ability to regain health but who’s armor only has a few bars; forward progress is a major macanic and the tyrant buff for the monster is already a bit of a kick in the balls for a hunter team (even though it’s unfairness has been reduced) I feel that an ability to reverse strikes would brake the game and damage it’s flow.

"[miles_mungin:] It could be balanced with extreme CD though… Two strikes and then 2 min CD… that way the monster can make forward progression on team but only in bursts… This forces monster to engage… Because disengaging when medic is up means losing progression

I see where coming from, I just think laz is game breaking enough yet they found mechanics to balance him"

“[me] Good points but still same problem, with Laz if you get strikes you keep strikes and there is a surefire way to get them… Though the extreme cooldown would realy help this idea it would still be ever game braking (with two strikes every two minutes… relay with at least one full health hunter no matter what) or under powered (if one strike every two minutes + bad in combat healing) pluss it would make Laz pritty much useless (why take Laz if you can be garented to be abul remove strike’s without the risk of time critical in combat revives).”


As for durability, same as sunnys shield drone (pre-nurf) would do in my mind


As I was brainstorming with my brother, he had the great idea that if the monster kills the Medbay while someone is inside of it, the player inside is basically irradiated to death, and the corpse gives off a faint green glow! Therefore, if the monster eats that corpse, it regains a portion of its health, requiring the other hunters to protect the body to keep the monster from healing


(My brother’s words)?Or, a more unique idea, the medic IS the Medbay, and it can be a robot like bucket, the auto-doc they always mention, but can turn into the Medbay at the cost of receiving 10% more damage per hit and must be stationary


That would sort out the one sided reversel of forward progress :smile:

[edit] to the “if the monster eats that corpse, it regains a portion of its health” bit



I’d rather have somewhat a chance of winning my games thank you.


Better? xD changed it to one rock throw


Thanks mate


What do you think other than that? Weapons good and all?


Decoy #1 sounds interestin


Well, medic is usually pretty focused by monsters, so this way it would be harder to pinpoint the actual medic!


@MaddCow @MacMan @DB_Sinclair what do you guys think?


As long as it’s ai doesn’t make it painfully obvious.

Laz kinda got the invis thing going, so it’d be a nice change to have something refreshing, like your decoy idea.