New Medic Class revealed!


Medic with Shotgun and Minigun ROFL!


That’s a bug.Sometime for some reason you go in the dropship and be a Ebonstar character from the Evacuation mode.Its a bug but at least its a funny one :slight_smile:


I had that exact same bug (?) today. I joined a game in progress and took Trapper’s spot. I only had Shotgun, Minigun and personal shield from Assault.
Didnt even have 4th ability…


Oh lol, I already made a topic about that! :smiley:
Cool shots though.


oh damn :frowning:


OMG Ebonstar OP, Nerf now, Preorder Canceled.


@ItsSuperEffective from NS2? :smile:


Yep, that’s the Ebonstar Soldier. It’s a well-known bug, but to be fair… It is a fun bug.


Yep that’s me


wow awesome - welcome back then i guess :smiley:


I have been making Videos on the game, you can check em out. I plan to cover it in detail as the game…Evolves :wink: