New mechanic suggestion

The reason behind my suggestion is something I am sure has bothered everyone since the release of this game which is simply - why do the monsters not poop?

I mean it’s quite absurd isn’t it , these guys eat alot. like alot alot.

So my suggestion is to add a ‘‘poop meter’’

The amount of meat consumed is obviously gonna match up with how fast the poop-meter fills up, wandering around eating small wildlife will allow you to keep going longer while eating large animals like Tyrants and Armadons will force you to discharge the waste sooner.

The idea here is that the poop-meter could possibly give you a debuff like making you slightly slower the more it fills up.

Or it could simply stop you from eating any more once it’s full.

I’m thinking the discharge process itself would be a quick one, like say the time it takes to cancel an arena or possibly faster.

Now for the fun part - the poop left behind stays there for a long time and it is harmful to hunters.

Walking into a pile of poo will cause the burn effect just like Behemoth’s lava bomb or Goliath’s fire breath.

The piles themselves will be quite visible, think like the burn marks monsters leave behind when they evolve.

Kraken poop could have dark colors and lightning surrounding it, Goliath crap would be on fire etc - the idea is that when you see that pile of shit you are supposed to stay away from it.

The strategical use comes in when a hunters gets downed you can just poop on him/her and proceed to the next, any hunter coming to the rescue will have to suffer the burn effect as well.

Or you could poop in locations you see that the hunters like to hang around, like those high cliffs.

Or use it to block off an entrance, it would be very similar to how lava bomb is used - but with a smaller area and not inflicting as much damage.

Keep in mind that you would probably not be able to do this more than once in the arena, you need to eat in order for the poop-meter to fill up.

Or it could possibly be filling up very slowly on it’s own, food would just make it go faster.

As for how often you would need to poop I am not sure, but I am thinking maybe 3-4 times between staging up from 1 to 2.

This could of course be an additional way to track a particulary sneaky monster, but just seeing devoured wildlife is the same thing - simply poop right next to where you just had your meal, the hunters will not be given any additional information that they didn’t already have.

The sound effect could be something like 50 meters, I think you can hear a Goliath walking around from about 100 meters or more, so 50 sounds about right.

It could be a loud fart or just a ‘‘blaammfgh’’ sound - you would not want to poop without knowing you have some distance between yourself and the hunters, should you be focusing on sneaking.

Lastly, the Wraith would be an exception to this mechanic. Girls don’t poop.



Also, think of all the new fun hunter conversations and monster animations this could generate if you really put your back into it :smile:



… <characters


Umm… Ah…


No offense, but the majority of players don’t want your scat fetish in the game.



Oh wow this was not well-received I see : /

If you think about it though, this ‘‘mechanic’’ is sort of already in the game.

I am talking about our dear friends, the Glaciapods of course!

Hum…While amusing to read this whole thing of yours, it’s… Uh… A game called ARK made this, every creature seems to poop every so minute, including the players, and it didn’t seem to have brought any interesting mechanic to the game enough to compensate the weirdness people felt.

But ignoring this, I wouldn’t wish this for the game simply because we don’t need more things slowing us down or indicating our positions. You could consider that the Carrion Birds by themselves are taking the role of your poop, since they are inevitable and they reveal your position.

If you want a reason why the creatures don’t poop… Well, think that it might have any number of reasons. The Monsters are very special creatures with incredible morphing powers. You could argue that they have the innate capability of absorbing almost every element from a body without waste. Whatever waste they have could be secreted through sweat, oil, gases, even perhaps flame.

I don’t even know why I’m discussing this.

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If the monster crapped out all the food it just ate how would it grow/evolve so fast?


This… This is brilliant!

I think it would be perfect if monsters will be totally imobile while pooping.

Just imagine…

Goliath sitting in bushes … Eyes wide open … Hank spotted him and


Goliath getting demolished by orbital while pooping and making those “poop sounds” …



Humiliate hunters by pooping on their face!

Also add diarrhea and constipation effect and profit


no seiously play less Ark Survival Evolved

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It would be funny but also clownlike and dumb.
The reason the momsters don’t poop is because they literally are using ALL of what they consumed to go through a HUGE metamorphosis.

Hmm, well that is a good theory - that the monsters have such effective digestion that they use it all or use the waste to power some of their abilities.

As for indicating positions - that’s not the intention, it would not be like birds who are super obvious.

More like when you are really close to a sneaking monster, and he does the mistake of sniffing and thus reveals himself that way.

That’s more what I was aiming for, in terms of how loud the pooping would be and how long range it would have.

Well maybe perhaps a little longer.

The mechanic would aim to be more to the monsters advantage rather than being yet another annoying thing in the game that reveals your position.

Im pretty sure youre not the first person to make a thread like this.

Sorry no OC for you.

This is pretty magnificent XD. Imagine what will happen once they are done pooping. The monsters feel so relived they get a buff to speed, health, attack, defense, cool down and a big smilie face on them

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I doubt that as well, I mean this must have been driving people nuts since the start - why no poop?

What’s OC?

I think I saw something the devs said that instead of poopin the monsters make cocoons and excrete anything they can’t use while staging up and they are very very efficient at using the food so very little waste is generate.

whoops was supposed to say devs not mods so i switched it.

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I’d recommend you check out Ark: Survival Evolved… Everything Poops in that game… including your character.

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Because they don’t have butt holes :confused:


i hope this is satire