New mech hunter


Am i the only one who would like to see another mech type character like Lennox? Such as a support type?

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Probably not. I enjoy Lennox a lot. She’s my favorite assault. I just don’t know if the other classes would work. Also, welcome to the Forums!


I don’t know whether they would make a second character with a mech suit, but if they did I’d hope they’d make it feel completely different.

Also, welcome to the forum. I’d give this thread a read if I were you. It will tell you what everything does around here.

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If they were gonna make another mech hunter, they would have to do a Bucket and Emet situation. Yes they’re both robots, but they are very different in almost every aspect. Maybe make a hunter that has an exoskeleton? Idk, something that the hunter controls, similar to Lennox, but not as “suit” like.


My idea was a Hunter that is handicapped. So when the team jumps from the ship, he/she has a “mech” that they remotely control.

When you see the team in the dropship, he/she will be (sitting?) behind it. When everyone jumps, the “mech” jumps but the Hunter would stay on the ship and remotely control it/


I prefer making a pilotable mech randomly spawn somewhere in the level in a way similar to a super powerful power (and mechanically similar to Fallout 4’s power armor with a specialized weapon set). Likewise, I’d like to see a randomly spawning…Either special, irradiated or otherwise unique type of wildlife that gives the Monster a temporary stage 4. Like Supernova on steroids, or the Chaos/Reaper Forms of Darksiders (for some Monsters where they’d visually change and grow new physical traits. I view Behemoth and Wraith as fitting for this) or Rage of the Whatever from God of War’s games (the Monsters would glow and melee attacks would be altered. Particularly have Kraken in mind for this). I’d also like to keep these features on/off for Arena mode, and have a separate competitive mode and a less balance-based casual mode. This is all just brainstorming for an Evolve 2, should it ever happen (and I still Hope for it to happen eventually).


I really don’t see this working. This is basically flee till 3 2.0. A monster just has to avoid hunters until whatever spawns. Get the temporary stage 4 and just wreck the hunters, simple.


Unless they find their powerful armor/vehicles, which’ll even the odds.


I don’t think hunsters should be driving around on vehicles. Personally, I just think that would be very stupid, to be brutally honest. ;_;


I felt you’d dislike it. Still, if done in a non-silly way, I feel it’d have potential.


They need a mech hunter in each class it’s only fair…