New matchmaking still doesn't feels fair


Only in opposite way. I played today like 10 times as monster, and haven’t a single loss. I was put against very weak teams so far. Sure i am very far from pro, roughly 40% win/loss ratio as monster, but teams i was put against feels like have about 10% win/loos ratio : P


Just won as stage 1 Gorgon, wrecked hunters in very first fight. It starts feel really awkward. I don’t want beating ‘newbies’ that badly, but server keep putting me against very weak teams.


Couldn’t agree with you more. I usually play hunter, and I’ve gotten into the habit of checking the Steam profile of my teammates to check their hours since I can no longer gauge their skill by their profile rank.
I currently sit at about/near 120 hours. Often times I find myself fighting monsters with 600-900 hours with 11 hour medics or 20 hour supports. I’m not exactly sure how the new matchmaking works, but I feel that the old one works a little better.


Is it me or does getting monster actually locks you into the game and you doesn’t let you leave ? Had this happen to me about twice yesterday.


That’s a separate bug that’s already been logged, I think. Not just monsters if I remembee correctly: hunters too.


I think that’s a new feature, not a bug :smiley:


Lucky. Im not even gettin into a Game. Matchmakin in completly broken for me.


I actually fine with matchmaking working longer. Better longer and picking more fair match for me, rather than totally random ppl. But point is - it doesn’t feel fair : P


Yea when it would actually WORK, then i would be fine with that too. When im gettin into a Lobby it is with 3 ppl and a bot. Or 5 Monsters, nice, forces me to play Hunter. Its just meh. And the matchmakin before was not too bad for me. I found many premade groups in the last patch. Ofcourse also many matches with newbies, but overall the matches were better then any patch before in Evolve for me. And now its like this, bullshit.