New Matchmaking issues


Hello! We know some of you are having matchmaking issues and we are currently looking into the problems. A number of people have informed us that they’d get matched with players who are either way too pro at the game or who have no idea what they’re doing and we decided to change the match making system so that it is more skill based. The new system went in yesterday and we did expect the first day to have some match making problems as we allowed the backend to assess everyone’s skill placement and even things out.

If you are still having problems, however, then we need your help! Something is causing some players to get stuck searching and finding no one in their skill placement (too good?). If you are finding yourself searching for a while (five minutes or more) without finding anyone or only finding one or two people, please send your game logs to me!

Please run the bat file found in the link below. After feeling like you’re never going to get into a game with 5 people, close the game and paste to me what is automatically generated in your clipboard. You have to close the game to get something on the clipboard.

Apologies for all the problems, but thanks to everyone who reported the issue and are helping to make the game better! We couldn’t do it without you guys! :sparkling_heart:

On edit: A patch went out last night which should stop the game from starting a game with less than 5 people too early (after a while, it’ll still go into a game, but definitely not before trying it’s darnest to find people of your skill level).
Please post or PM if you’re still having problems. We’ve been looking for them in house and haven’t been able to get the problems! :frowning:

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Actually, we had the longest series of very balanced matchups like ever in Evolve Stage 2.

The system was constantly matching us with good monsters. It was awesome. We won some and lost some. A very good experience overall. Thanks for the new matchmaking! :slight_smile:

Before, when we lost against an opponent on our skill level we would be bumped down so much that we had to fight players with <50 hours for a couple of matches before we would be bumped up again.


Since the release of patch 2.07, I haven’t met many newbees but more skilled players.
It should be good as you intended, but it takes forever to make a match !!!
I’ve only played 5 Rank matches in Evolve Stage 2 for the waiting is too long, and now even Hunt began to use this matchmaking system ?
I bet the system will not keep much new players but only lose more core players.
It sounds good to play with people in the same level, but the waiting ruins everything.


Leader Edit: Put your log into Pastbin so no one needs to scroll through that all


@Key, can you tell me what happened? (There are a few problems right now and we need to separate the logs for each problem).

And @PlayTheBall, we’re working on faster queue times! :ice_skate:


Exactly as described. I had a few times where it would hit all five players found but wouldn’t actually start the game. I never once got into the game lobby.


Thank you, I sent your logs to our network programmer. Your issue sounds a little different than the others, though. The other issue is that people do not find all five people but load into game anyway or they wait a very long time and do not find other people. I wonder how many people are getting your issue… :confused:


The “I find five people but it doesn’t seem to load the lobby” is something that happened intermittently to me (very rarely) before any changes you talk about having made in the OP @m3teeh. Just in case that’s useful on that separate issue.


Thank you, that is very helpful! Do you see it in any particular mode or all of them or…? :smiley:


Here’s a screenshot of it happening:

I sat on that page for 2-3 minutes before I gave up.


I only play Hunt, almost exclusively as a solo queue player, so I can’t speak for Ranked or Co-op queues I’m afraid!

Edit: I should also say that eventually it does enter the lobby for me, but I don’t know if that’s because something finally locks into place on the server side, or because someone backs out and a new person is found and it resolves whatever issue. I’ll be more vigilant looking for the behaviour though because I just put it down to individuals having a bad ping or maybe crashing out


Is this normal?


Thanks, both of you! The screenshot is helpful, and since we know it occurs in Hunt, we’ll start our search there. :smiley:

@garratose, is what normal? I’m staring at the screenshot, and I’m not seeing it… ><


Nobody is the Monster :slight_smile:


Hm… ReMember should be monster, but is in the role select. Perhaps he backed out of the monster slot?


Been having a similar issue repeatedly this morning while trying to get in some co-op. Wasn’t sure if it was just my connection or not until I saw this thread; the lobby would find four people, and then sit there “searching” for ages until someone finally gave up and left.

The only two times I’ve managed to get into a co-op match in the past couple hours, the server would drop me (not sure if anybody else, again I thought it might have been my connection before seeing this) with a message saying I was disconnected from the host. Was working fine last night except for one such server disconnect, though.


He didn’t want to play as the Monster, so the rest of the Hunters left the lobby


A new match making bug has just surfaced. When 5 players are found in a lobby, the system continues to search for more players instead of starting the game.


@garratose, we’re looking into options to prevent people from backing out and still trying to get role preference to work better (go algorithms!).

@One …I’ll ask our network team if another change was put into matchmaking… When did you start experiencing this problem? :sob: