New matchmaking experience

Well we had a match where 1 of hunters disconnected and the bot Hank wouldn’t let my laz stay out of dome coz he wouldn’t go inside dome either :stuck_out_tongue: but the thing was no one joined his place not sure how its coded

another thing in same match monster got hurt pretty bad and he rage quits at about 30% health when we catch up we see a monster moonwalking so we wait and thought he might connect back… then BOOM you win (Monster abandoned match)

So now I wasted 20 mins of my time coz 2 ppl got disconnected and it ruined the experience.

I don’t know how they solve this though to be honest… the only satisfaction is we get win for the 20 mins spent tolerating bot hanks shenanigans.

overall a good step in the right direction… what do yall think??

rage quitters will learn the punish rules sure enough. just tank through it when u get up in ranks youll realize these shenanigans will stop…HOPEFULLY lol.

I played 5 placement matches as monster. Each match went smoothly.

PS: The fifth Jack player was the first good one, and he made my Goliath quite sad :frowning:

I’m currently doing my placement matches as monster and most of them so far have ended with 2 hunters leaving/disconnecting and thus me winning although the team might have beaten me without bots. I fear this will screw up my initial placement and rank me way too high.

edit finished my placement matches and i’m quite happy with where i’m at.

After you finish your first match as monster the other comes rolling in XD i took down lazarus,maggie,hyde, and daisy at stage 1 since they decided to dome me and i had back up from my friend the tyrant at… weather control(if i was behemoth he would be in my belly) its quicker to load once you do one match

Yeah TurtleRock has officially ruined this game. Just wish they would have done that before I wasted my money on season pass 2.

They have done nothing that can’t be fixed (or will be fixing itself soon).

I have 2 big concerns about the changes in this patch:

  1. While everyone is doing their placement matches, way too good monster players get matched agains noobish hunters, ruining their experience, as they always have. you then get ranked bronze, and matched with other bronze hunters and then put against more very good monster players. I feel like the environment has become even more toxic and hostile, blaming each other for a loss.
  2. Wraith seems way too strong. she still does a lot of damage, but has more armor to stay in fight longer. on more than one game i had a hunter go down, wraith pops supernova and 2 seconds later that hunter is down. Even i managed to get a win as her and i suck at it.

the first one will hopefully correct itself, once enough games have been played to place everyone in the right bracket. i only fear that there are actually no bronze monsters and bronze hunters will get beat up by silver monsters. the second one requires some tuning on the balance (or maybe bronze players just aren’t fit to deal with wraiths)

Do tell? What’s ruined it for you?

anyone here with ps4 ?? im having really long matchmaking issues, so wondering if anyone down for playing.

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Mate my first 2 games i got matched with hunters without mics and one kid, who picked Jackm never shut up, and talked about how awesome jack was before he got solo stomped into oblivion. After 2 defeats this way i instigated the 3 mic rule.

If i dont get matched with 3 hunters and two of them have mics, i just leave the matchmaker and rejoin it. I want 3 hunters, including myself with a mic. So far it worked ok. I then got matched with 3 decent hunters, all with mics, and we played well and got 3 wins.

Then i got randomly kicked from the group by the matchmaker and had to go back to random luck. Overall finished my placement as silver skilled, 5 wins, 5 losses. I am happy with that given the matchmaker lottery. I will always stick to the 3 mic rule though. I think it should be a thing. Maybe then more people might bother with communication in a communication reliant game mode. Crazy i know.

I played a few games after my placement matches but kept getting paired up with bad, voiceless people that werent ranked again, so decided to give it a day and let others get ranked so that i might have a chance at getting teamed up with some similar minded hunters.

Quick shout out, not sure if matchmaker allows premades but if so and If anyone is on XB1 and likes to play hunter with voice comms and some decent teamwork, send me a message ill be on later after work. GT = Weaponmaster 55.

It takes forever to find a match. Spending 15 minutes searching for a game is kinda bullshit.

They made the monster too overpowered and only four solid players can beat them, if you have one person who isn’t too great than its an automatic loss now.

Well I beg to differ. I’m playing with nothing but random stuff and we have still got the wins.

Real hunters are telepathic they don’t need mic … :triumph:

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give it a week to normalize the ranking so u get better matchups for now just tolerate the misfits :stuck_out_tongue:
remember there is always a team out there where you are a misfit too … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m 20 minutes in, no match yet. This new system sucks.

Indeed they are :stuck_out_tongue:
And they don’t even need keyboard,mouse or controller or even PC. they can just play it in their brains :stuck_out_tongue:

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