New maps on 4/30


I know pc got maps a couple weeks ago, and those maps are coming to consoles on 4/30. But I also heard there’s 2 more new maps coming out that day? Is that correct? And if so, will they only be for pc again or will all platforms have all the maps by that point?


What? Xbox got two new maps weeks ago. Those two maps are coming to PC and PS4 soon. You got it mixed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Right. My bad. I’m on ps4 so the details weren’t that important to me =P but the main question remains. Are there more maps coming or are those two just coming to pc and ps4?


I don’t believe so, they would have announced it by now. Even then PS4 and PC would have to wait a month due to Microsoft’s deal with 2K


I say happy surprise then if it happens


Okay. I must have heard wrong then or misunderstood. Thanks =)

Damn Microsoft, always making sketchy deals.


Are you also saying that Sony doesn’t make “sketchy deals”? It’s called business. Please stop making inflammatory remarks. We don’t need console/platform flaming in this community.


Remember broken hill foundry sucks for monster but broken hill mine is amazing for monster


The 4th of the 30th?


Lol it was just a joke. Meant nothing by it


Often times, it’s difficult to express sarcasm in text. Thanks for the clarification. :thumbsup: