New maps missing? (PC)


I don´t have the new maps for evolve on pc, any reason why they´re missing?


Did you go into multiplayer yet?


That doesn’t affect map availability


Did you try restarting the game and verifying it? It seemed to be automatic for other users.


I´ve restarted the game 10+ times, have yet too try verify the game. but will do that now.


No but it activates the micro-patch.


Yes, but maps are still available for customs before you go into MM (I did it)


Well idk I’m not on PC, on PS4 I had to go in multiplayer first.


I’m PC so get on my level



Because consoles just aren’t as good. I’ll admit it.


Are you logged into your 2K acct?


It´s all sorted out now, did a verify - the game wanted a update, but couldn´t get it due too a error message, i then rebooted my PC; and it´s all good now (so you can close this topic if need be)