New map idia: Urban jungles


I just thought that it would be cool if devs would make some kind of city map to play. Like urban jungles, with buildings and maybe some broken skyscrapers. I am not sure how it will be compared with other maps and whole concept of Shear…


The planet is just a colony, hence why the towns looks like something from a wild west movie.
While it would not be possible on Shear, you never know what future DLC’s might bring.

Also, from a gameplay perspective, I think it would work just fine, as long as the buildings are not enterable.


some buildings can be enterable (both for monster and hunters)


I like that idea A LOT! Thinking of a mix of The Last of Us, Nether and some Parts of Crysis


I would like to see these too but I doubt it will happen since Shear is a frontier colony and not really settled.

But I would still like to see a few maps like this.


This is precisely the reason we need decimated ruins, be they alien, human, trapjaw (although trapjaws are too glorious to have their settlements destroyed) or something. Goliath needs to climb towers.


Yes, exactly! And a few old small planes around him. Val can be its hostage :smiley:


Decimate these Defend maps (should do for a big enough industrial enviroment) and then we can go to town.


lore wise we see giant refineries and such so its not too far of a stretch for there to be a small city capital abandoned due to monsters
or abandoned earlier due to natural disaster like too many wild animals, flood gates breaking or something

but I would love to see a city map



The big reason there aren’t city scape is we are evacuating the colonists/buying them time. The only ones left are on the fringe. The cities have already been evacuated.

  • some colonist attempted to flee to the city after they heard the news of monsters
  • city was mostly abandoned after being flooded but a small population of settles still live there taking advantage of the new water ways for fishing
  • fuel/power lines necessary for the evacuation effort still do through the city and are vulnerable to monster attack
  • newer city only half finished was built near the outskirts to help further colonisation still yet to be evacuated

there are plenty of lore friendly ways to explain a city map


True, but the Devs said that they aren’t planning any city maps for now. I was just relaying what they said.


ohh yeah I dont blame city maps could be a nightmare to design as all areas most be accessible to both the monster and hunters and I dont know of many city layouts that are monster friendly… never mind the issues with sight lines and potential lack of vegetation
much easier to stick with wilderness with some man made bits here and there

but as dlc once they see how their game fairs in the wild looking into heat maps around the man made parts of their maps I reckon they could pull off a city or at least take the risk


I would love urban jungle! Really hope it happens!


There is only 1 ultimate Predator in the Urban Jungle.


While it isn’t a big city like new york or something, I have a feeling you will enjoy the New Calico defend stage. :wink:


Hooray :smile:
Also, by the City map i mean something like this:
So monster can feed and hide here, and it looks pretty realistic with whole concept of the game. Also you don’t need to make all buildings enterable, because they almost destroyed. Just don’t forget about skyscraper!


If that is what you wanted, then you are going to reeeeaaaaalllly like New Calico. I wouldn’t mind seeing more like it though!


Woohoo, can’t wait!