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I noticed that there weren’t many map ideas, thought I’d change that.

Geothermal Plant

A power plant built into the caldera of a dormant volcano, the Geothermal Plant also siphons off enough thermal energy to keep the volcano from erupting.

General Description: The stone is black to denote the igneous nature of the area. Weather is ash storms, similar to the blizzards of the ice maps, though colored grey. The sky is overcast with dark clouds, though there is a red glow cast in the sky to imply nearby exposed lava. Wildlife consists of numerous obsidian grubs, canyon striders, reavers, the occasional dune beetle or megamouth, and crates of bohrium.

Areas and Features:
-Hot Springs: Rather then programing troublesome lava, the springs consist of several pools of boiling water spread across the map. While they do some damage, their true value is the obscuring steam they produce.
-Waste Disposal: A large (closed) metal hatch set into the bottom of a pit. Colonists use the access to lava to conveniently destroy waste. Scattered around the nearby area are several Celestial Magma Diver suits, as well as piles of garbage.
-Pipeline: Several large metal pipes that run across the ground and through caves, at least as tall as a Goliath. Some are suspended off the ground. These serve as cover and high ground.
-Cave system: In areas, the crust has collapsed, leaving a network of shallow tunnels.
-Power Relay: Set near the edge of the map and high in the main machinery, the power relay is simultaneously vulnerable and hidden. The height allows a player standing on the edge the high ground and a good line of sight, but the relay itself is nestled among several large columns, with a higher level of catwalks off to one side.

Map Effects:
Monster: Ash Storms: The eruption of the volcano filed the sky with disorienting ash, impairing tracking. (Daisy moves slower, tracking darts and dust tag don’t last as long, Gobi, sound spikes, and the survey satellite have less range)
Hunters: Shroud Cannon: An artillery cannon modified with volcanic chemicals periodically bombards the monster, rendering it disoriented (Artillery strike hits the monster, temporarily surrounding it in fog. This blurs its screen for as long as it stays in the cloud and a few seconds after it leaves it. Smell outlines and HUD remain unchanged.)

Volcanic Vent

After a flank eruption destroyed a population center, a secondary thermal leeching center was built at the site to prevent a repeat occurrence.

General Description: Near the volcano slope the ground is black stone to denote the old lava flow, while farther away it is the normal sandy coloration. The sky is the same overcast and glowing as the Geothermal Plant. Weather can be clear, rain, or ash. wildlife consists of obsidian grubs, canyon striders, reavers, blitzleopards, nomads, megamouths, and ore veins.

Areas and Features:
-Ore Veins: Bohrium ore churned to the surface of the lava flow. Spawn randomly and are rare, but offer between 1 and 4 meat, with a decreased chance of birds.
-Lava Flow: Cooled lava that has formed various structures and shapes as it covered the old ones.
-Ruins: The old town, now half buried in stone and ash.
-Dead Forest: Similar to the area behind the Fusion Plant, an area full of dead trees, inhabited by smaller predators.
-Lava Tubes: Short tunnels with no branches, offering cover or alternative routes depending on their elevation.
-Boiling Pools: Less steam then the hot springs, but more damage. These pool in some subterranean areas and pits.
-Power Relay: In an open area, but set into the bottom of a depression. Access is granted from ground level, where you simply walk over the edge of the pit, or from one of the lower tunnels.

Map Effects:
Monster: Mummification: Ash and chemicals blanket the landscape, preserving the bodies of the dead. (Corpses don’t decay)
Hunters: Drought: Excess heat is channeled into the surrounding land, boiling away the moisture in the soil and making it excellent at revealing tracks (Monsters leave footprints even when sneaking, watery areas that leave no footprints are reduced in size.)

Weapons Storage

An Ebonstar storage depot, this facility holds their best toys for terrestrial warfare.

General Description: This area has little natural foliage, with most cover being provided by the various buildings and abandoned vehicles. In relation to other maps it is adjacent to Barracks and Armory, as well as The Dam. Poor weather is sandstorms. Wildlife consists of obsidian grubs, canyon striders, mammoth birds, megamouths, dune beetles, reavers, nomads, and huskbacks.

Areas and Features:
-Cliffs: An unindustrialized section of the map with numerous large elevation changes and some shallow caves. This holds the majority of the natural wildlife and has a single large acid pool at the lowest level.
-Warehouse A: A large room with rows of crates and shelves. It contains numerous chokepoints and entrances.
-Warehouse B: A room roughly the same size as the first warehouse. It is mostly empty, save for a few large crates.
-Hangar: Contains several ships, some raised on landing platforms. The elevation changes and obstacles necessitate tactical positioning.
-Parking Lot: An open area containing several transport trucks and combat vehicles. With less cover, it is a dangerous area to be caught in but provides a shortcut to several key areas.
-Downed Shuttle: A crashed rescue ship. Mostly for decoration, but has several human corpses nearby.
-Power Relay: Set into a large pillar, while the immediate area is devoid of obstacles, most approaches are hidden from sight due to surrounding structures and walls. Foresight is required when prepping defenses.

Map Effects:
Monster: Cloaking Field: After ingesting an experimental stealth device, the monster is rendered nearly invisible when sneaking. (While sneaking, the monster appears the same transparent way the Wraith does with a Decoy or cloaked hunters to themselves. It is deactivated when the monster is not snaking and flickers off when it takes damage.)
Hunters: War Drone: A combat drone is activated and deployed in seek-and-destroy mode against the monster. (The war drone resembles a robotic spider combined with a tank. It is dropped in a separate location from the hunters and hunts the monster on its own. It follows hunting patterns, but not a set route. If the monster ventures inside of it’s sensor range, it will move to engage. While it can climb walls and has the same movement speed as the monster, traversals can be used to escape. While it will ignore tracks, bird sign, and some tracking methods, electronic tracking like Abe or Bucket’s tracking darts or Griffin’s sound spikes will cause it to head directly for the monster. When the monster reaches stage 3, it will move to guard the generator only if it takes damage. It is armed with an energy cannon, with long range and high damage but a low number of shots before reload, and a micro missile barrage, with a short range and little damage per projectile but many shots per clip and a high rate of fire. It also has a small energy shield that serves the same purpose as armor. The drone is matched at about 50/50 against a stage one, 25/75 against a stage 2, and 10/90 against a stage 3.)

Biological Laboratory

A mysterious facility, its cloaking field failed after the monsters decimated the base. Its purpose is unknown, but anything someone went to such lengths to hide can’t be good news.

General Description: A mix of buildings and jungle. Poor weather is rain. Wildlife consists of marsh striders, reavers, venomhounds, blitzleopards, mammoth birds, crowbill sloths, and specimens.

Areas and Features:
-Specimen Tanks: Glass tanks containing wildlife samples. Varying amounts of food, but loud to open. These provide food within the lab portions of the area.
-Genetic Experiments: Nearly identical to the specimen tanks, save for the differently colored liquid within and the subject being no identifiable creature. Provide no meat, but give a random perk from a pre-selected set of choices.
-Overgrowth: The jungle section of the map. Most of the wildlife is within or near it. Just inside of the border is the remains of a smaller fence that once contained the wildlife within.
-Outpost: An observatory bunker locater within the overgrowth area.
-Breach: The access point the monsters used to get into the base. While most of the border is a fortified wall, this portion has a large hole smashed through it. An emergency energy field has sealed off the gap, preventing access.
-Desert Biome: A building consisting of a large circular room containing some rocky cliffs and outcrops. Accessible through two large destructible doors at the ground level and one open one at the cliff level. Contains a few canyon striders and a megamouth.
-Artic Biome: Smaller than the desert biome, it contains a small canyon with a pond at the bottom. Missing panels on the walls, a portable generator and spotlights, and discarded tools imply that it was still under construction. Contains two steamadons and a Cephalodon. Accessible through one door at cliff level and one ole torn in the side at ground level.
-Specimen Storage: These are the areas that contain most of the specimen tanks.
-Central Laboratory: The large lab building that occupies the center of the map. While the majority of the compound is sealed off by blast doors, its various levels and maze of tunnels serve as both chokepoints and shortcuts. Crafty players can use these tunnels to lose pursuit or lure them to a more advantageous position.
-Power Relay: A room set in the center of the compound, it is accessible through several tunnels at various elevations. There are two levels to the room: the lower level, containing the generator and one entrance, and the higher level, which contains three entrances. The higher level not a catwalk and can be access via wall climbing. Around the border of the room at the upper level there are three large specimen tanks, each containing the body of a monster.

Map Effects:
Monster: Genetic Mutation: The experiments of the lab reacted with the monster’s genetic code, resulting in unstable mutations. (The monster receives a wildlife perk from the start and gets a new one whenever the old one runs out.)
Hunters: Wildlife Repulsors: Experimental devices use ultrasonic tones to drive away hostile wildlife. (Wildlife will not engage first, but will still attack you if you harm them. Does nothing against carnivorous plants.)


Though the hunters fought well against the monsters, not everyone made it off Shear. A large evacuation ship went down in the wilderness, taking hundreds of people with it.

General Description: The majority of the map is desert like with the rubble of the ship adding additional landmarks to compensate for the lack of foliage, with jungle areas along the outskirts. Poor weather is rain. Wildlife is marsh striders, mammoth birds, reavers, blitzleopards, crowbill sloths, venomhounds, and a tyrant.

Areas and Features:
-Damaged Bulkheads: Destructible walls, they are most common in the main wreckage of the ship but there are several others throughout the map. Some small areas are only accessible by destroying them. Within the ship, there are a few that are horizontally oriented, separating levels. These can be used to you advantage when setting a trap.
-The Dunkirk: The majority of the ship’s remains. Within are artificial canyons, tunnels, and walls made of rubble. Many parts are sealed off from the sky by massive steel ceilings, but just as many areas are exposed.
-Thruster: One of the large engines now stands like a tower at the other end of the map. Surrounding it is a mix of foliage and rubble. Though the majority of it is unclimbable, a secondary tower in front of it serves as an excellent starting point for traversals or jetpacking.
-Jungle: Forested areas that occupy the borders of the map. This is all that remains of the jungle that once covered the map.
-Crash Site: The large desert area going from the thruster to the main hull. Its’ lack of foliage is compensated for by fragments of the ship servings as cover. Despite the desert area, it contains the normal jungle wildlife as an indicator to what the area was like before the crash.
-Power Relay: Set inside of one of the largest intact pieces of the ship, it has several access tunnels from the ground level. Inexperienced players may not realize that the wall above and behind the relay is a weakened bulkhead, allowing the monster to surprise defenders from behind.

Map Effects:
Monster: Migration: Without the relay to regulate the damaged power core, the ship exploded, frightening away surrounding birds. (No birds next map)
Hunter: Emergency Shuttle: A rescue shuttle was salvaged from the wreckage, hastening reinforcement times. (The dropship comes 30 seconds early.)

Agriculture Distribution

The central facility for the collection and distribution for the various crops of Shear.

General Description: An unusual mix of natural and man-made. Nearly all large terrain is constructed, but barely any of the natural ground has been covered. Default weather is daylight, bad weather is rain. Wildlife is marsh striders, crowbill sloths, reavers, venom hounds, mammoth birds, blitz leopards, and crops.

Areas and Features:
-Crops: The nutrient rich harvest. Contained within boxes, they are less durable then bohrium crates, but often contain less food. Once broken open, marsh striders will eat the contents if you don’t claim them first.
-Caravan Routes: a network of several roads, clear of obstacles and cutting tunnels through some terrain. Provide a good escape route for players without the aid of traversals or jetpack fuel, but leave you relatively exposed.
-Silos: Larger buildings containing one room. The ground is uneven due to the grains stored within. Accessible through various holes torn I the sides. Can be climbed, allowing players to cut over them.
-Cargo: An open space filled with large stacks of bales. Stacks are of varying height and width, demanding players to choose which ones to use carefully. Some are actually destructible.
-Vegetation: Patches of trees and vines. Scattered through out the map, most herbivores are nearby.
-Water Tank: A circular room with a sizeable pit of water at the bottom. Useful for outplaying hunters.
-Machinery: Large harvest vehicles. Scattered throughout the map as terrain.
-Power Relay: Located within a large barn-like building directly opposite the door. A second entry point is a hole torn high in one of the walls. At least one vehicle is stored within the room to provide cover.

Map Effects:
Monster: Regeneration: The consumption of several experimental crop chemicals affected the monster, causing rapid growth. (The evolve meter slowly fills itself. This is at a rate that if you relied solely on this, it would take the entire match to gain enough to get to stage 3.)
Hunters: Herbicide: Plant killers are salvaged to spray across nearby areas. (No carnivorous plant next match.)

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I actually really like this map. Especially the map effects.


This is a really interesting idea, esp liking the hot springs idea.

Although, I would suggest meking it less annoying than steamadons as in less opaque.


This is a really great map idea, I have no idea what the hunter perk would be if they won though.


Steam gets released throughout Shear blocking Monster vision and forcing big primates inside because they can’t see anything to hunt. The locals give the Hunters thermal visors allowing them to see through the stream.


To clarify regarding steam: It’s not supposed to be completely obscuring, and it doesn’t slow movement. The intent was to allow for more open spaces then usual to help sell the volcanic caldera feel without completely robbing players of their ability to hide.


Wouldn’t the hunters also be affected by the steam? The large animals going into hiding or sleeping is also kinda like clear weather perk.


I added a thermal visor thing to it. And yes it works like the clear days effect, but this works against the Monster.


That sounds better, the colonists release the steam to help them, the monster would constantly have to smell.


Yep, it works with the map and has a effect that is an actual effect.


I’d like this map a lot, either way, the next one will be blinding.


Lol. You’d be like “That map was beautiful, but I can’t see a damn thing!”


It’d suck for hunters if the ash storm was so blinding that they could walk in a plant without noticing.(At least more often.)


A lava map would be amazing. I know they used to have one or more, I wish they didnt remove them.


I added a hunter map effect. I considered the idea of flooding the map with fog, but I considered it too difficult to create a blanket effect and then a way to make the hunters immune. This method only affects the monster.

On a similar subject, I’m streamlining the next map idea. Part of that is coming up with a name, so I’ll be taking suggestions for that once I post it.


Added the map Volcanic Vent (name subject to change).
@CrowTwoPointO , @KomodoLover, you two were helpful with the first one. Any thoughts?


[quote=“FishyG23, post:14, topic:76938, full:true”]
A lava map would be amazing.[/quote]

Behemoth’s home. :smile:


Hunter map effect: The areas around the map become super heated. This evaporates all the water on the map, killing off sloths, tyrants, basking cephaladons, and mammoth birds.


I just read the Monster map effect and it sounds horrible from a monster’s point of view. If the bodies don’t decay, then Laz has all the time in the world to rez. Or did you mean bodies of animals? Like Canyon striders and obsidian grubs? The second one would sound better.

Nice description and name of the map: Volcanic Vent


I believe he meant wildlife.