New Map Idea: ZOO


I think it would be cool to have a new map that takes place in a zoo. The premise could be that a crazy rich guy hired mercenaries, hunter, etc. to capture various animals from shear, and put them in his own zoo/wildlife reserve. The people hired to take the wildlife into the zoo find a huge egg and decide to take it as well. When they arrive and put the egg in an exhibit it hatches threatening nearby inhabitants as well as the rich guys Zoo.

Evacuation Bonuses:

Hunter Win: You get some extra help from the people the rich guy hired or are provided with something new or better equipment from the rich guy.

Monster Win:Not sure. Maybe increased armor?

Let me know what you think or have an idea for the map or its bonuses

An idea for a new Map

Neat. It would be especially cool if the rich guy’s manor was part of the map and was the power relay site. Destroying a mansion as a monster sounds fun.


It’s only fun if I get to nom the rich fellow at the end ^.^


Sounds like a cross between rendering plant and aviary


The rich guy should be Bill Gates


huehue I see wut you did there





Monster win: the exhibits are unleashed, doubling the wildlife population


Hunter win: The rich guy provides the hunters with the pack of trapjaws he’s been training as rideable mounts


[quote=“mediumvillain,post:8, topic:54827,full:true”]Monster win: the exhibits are unleashed, doubling the wildlife population

These are both good ones :slight_smile:


Pretty much the only thing you can do.


Oh. Borderlands 2! The wildlife exploitation preservation! Copy and paste trs!


It was the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, because they’re an evil corporation.


Sounds good! It’d have a pretty neat layout, too.
As for perks:

Hunter win:

  • The owner releases packs of Trapjaws into nearby areas (they’re vastly more dangerous/bothersome for the monster than the hunters, so it’s a net gain)
  • The owner releases several tagged animals into nearby areas (Basically pre Abe-tagged wildlife)
  • The owner offers several Albino wildlife organs for the hunters to use, giving them stronger perks next round (The perk the hunters choose for next round is stronger)
  • The owner releases (new anti-monster wildlife) into nearby areas

Monster win:

  • The monster destroys several walls, releasing much more wildlife of all kinds into nearby areas (Except ‘monster attacking’ ones)
  • The monster feeds on captive Albino wildlife, giving them a stronger perk for the next round
  • The monster destroys several walls, releasing (new dangerous wildlife) into nearby areas

The ‘new wildlife’ is already sort of in place, with the monster’s birds from the aviary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have different types for different levels.


And Jurassic Park. Or the end of King Kong.


Yes! Thank you. I was thinking extermination but that didn’t sound right.


I like the pre-tagged wildlife idea, that’s clever.


:heart_eyes: References to my fav movie


I’m all for this.


The game already kinda has a JP thing going on, doesn’t it? Among other influences :slight_smile: