New Map Found


New Map in this new video :slight_smile:
New map time:
At 0.25 and at 2.25
Hope you like it :smile:
(I wasnt the first one who found this, it was @Eidolon)


Yea also noticed that :slight_smile:


Awesome, looks like several new maps @SlinkyGuy @Plaff @Alex_Versnel


I was just the 1st to write about it, I’m sure others noticed it too :smile:

There’s loads of good stuff in that video to dissect, maybe other people can spot more places…

I think there may are 2, possibly even 3 new maps in that video. Apart from the one you’ve mentioned, at 1:41, 2:30, 3:35, 5:40, there’s a Desert Daytime map we’ve seen briefly in the alpha promo video. Some sort of town/village at 5:49 with stores by the looks of it. 9:39-9:45 looks like the interior of a building within the desert map. There’s an awesome shot at 3:16 where there’s a fight in some Generator room when the Hunter gets knocked outside to a desert exterior.

There’s those three really nice landscape shots of maps at 5:07. ‘Ebon Star’ (can see the full text in the background at 3:24. 3:30 & 4:54) might be another night-time desert/arid map we’re seeing. 2nd shot looks like Fusion Plant and 3rd shot is the Desert level.


Yup, I pointed this out in the new footage topic but nobody seems to have noticed lol. New maps look awesome :slight_smile:


Ah, hadn’t checked over there yet. I saw new maps and was drawn in lol.


The one with the big metal dome around it looks cool


I really like the 0:25 type of map
What i figured out is that this map isnt just a big greenhouse, its a map which contains that big greeenhouse so its pretty cool.
The trapper doesnt even need that arena :slight_smile:


Wonder if urban is the final biome then. Doesn’t seem to fit the arid, ice, or forest biomes


A big dome apprently ^^ Nice !

Oh wait !.. It would make… a dome-ception !


Who knows
But one thing is clear_Everyone is excited :slight_smile:


Of course everybody’s excited, some of us will be playing Thursday, most of us will be playing Friday


At 3:34 you can see the shurbbery/desert grass blowing in the wind. The concussion shockwave from the rockets actually blow it back further after each hit. Awesome attention to details :slight_smile:


Yes pretty nice :slight_smile:
I am really excited now because they showed a lot of new maps in the video but i hope not all of them :slight_smile:


I’m loving the daytime morning look on some of these. Just makes the environment look more alive but also the storm water one


I wonder if the desert maps will have dust storm weather. Also, needs tumbleweeds :smiley: How epic would the showdown be between Stage 3 monster and the hunters. All 4 hunters staring at the monster and the monster staring back and a tumbleweed blows across the screen :smiley:


Idk if they were always like this but look at the camos on the weapons in this. I think they are different from the normal ones.


That desert map reminds me of Borderlands.


Anyone else think its just the Dam map in a brighter daylight time instead of a dusk / nighttime?


It would be interesting if eventually each map had a day/night/dawn/dusk cycle with different wildlife at each time. So in theory, you could have 48 versions using just 12 maps.