New lore for t4?


Is the t4 lore out yet?


No, it is not. TRS has one writer, and his focus is on the dialogue. He writes Evolve lore in his spare time. :slight_smile:


From the cabot lore comment section (i believe it was cabot lore). he said that he has the new hunter lore ready he was just waiting for them to launch so he could release it. :confused:


Well damn, were ready lol, i need to strengthen my understanding of this world


Itsnt it matthew that does the writing?


Yeah it is


Said he was working on it. I don’t think he said it was ready yet.


Read the same thing, that’s why I got confused when he only just started writing it. Maybe he had the ideas ready but not the real stories.


I look forward to Crow’s, and Sunny’s lore.