New Jackfrags Gameplay Video!


Not sure if it’s been posted, but jackfrags posted a new gameplay video of Evolve from the Hunters perspective.


It’s starting to seem like Evolve has an abnormally large amount of pre-release gameplay demonstrations and videos compared to all other games.


And yet, it’s somehow still not enough :D!


Very interesting. Can’t wait to try Kraken. I think I’m probably going to favor Goliath but that vortex and lightning ability are pretty nice. He spent way too much time just floating in their crosshairs firing basic range at the hunters it seemed. Goddamn feb is so far away.


Well for a not finished game it has an unusually stable and polished at least portion of the final product. I think every time you get to see a slightly different strategy play out in another 5 minute clip of the game, new map or not, it goes a long way to interest new people and excite the people already waiting. I was at PAX east and must have spend like 25% of every day just standing in front of the huge screens (under Goliath) and watching people play it. Normally you have to keep showing new content or a new level or here’s something else that’s gonna be in the game. This is such a fresh concept that we’re happy just seeing the machine they built run over and over in different ways.


To be fair it was originally suppose to come out in two months, so the builds should be relatively stable by now with minor testing and polishing at this point.

Evolve makes for some good gameplay demos because you don’t know what will happen next or the outcome, whereas other games it’s generally racking up the most kills possible, knowing what the end result will be way before the game ends and that’s about it, the action stays on your toes and keeps it fresh with Evolve.

The thing I like about this video is finally hearing some voice communication as a change, and PC gameplay with a mouse/keyboard (no more gameplay with horrible controller aim).


That’s the second Kraken video I’ve seen out of Gamescom where the stage 2 monster just stayed and fought til he was dead instead of taking numerous opportunities to escape and try to evolve or get more armor.


Sometimes folks get that tunnel vision and don’t know when it’s run or die time.


Plus stage 2 ain’t nothing ta fuck wit…


Really nice video ^^
It’s actually more interesting when you can hear what hunters players are saying !


Also I think newer monster players are not as aware of Lazarus. The monster player was downing a lot of hunters so they might have thought the win was theres.


I… I don’t believe my eyes… this is the first Hyde player that can actually constantly hit the monster with his minigun! gasp AND GUESS WHY! Mouse and keyboard! (look on the bottom left of the HUD)


Well , it’s even the first guy who reloads his weapon before it’s totally out of ammo : it’s a good player.
Others were not. xP


Why hate on controllers? Yeah there are a lot of people who suck with controllers, but not all of us.


And Yes, we need more gameplay with the team chat


It’s not that controllers suck or the users suck but the potential highest response rate is just slower than a mouse. I feel like the best controller user will always be at least a little slower than the best mouse user. This reminds me of reading about Valve developing TF2 and playing xbox vs pc inhouse. They were originally experimenting with crossplatform play as it was possible but ust not approved through microsoft. They scrapped the idea because they said every round the pc players crushed the console players. The people playing were inhouse employees and I’m not saying the -CONSOLE GAMERS SUKD- but that they couldn’t match reaction time with the keyboard/mouse people.

Edit: Though, just wanted to add in, sometimes with 3rd person like when playing monster a controller could match up as you don’t need twitch exact reaction. I played monster with an xbone controller a few times in alpha and it felt good even if I preferred k/m.


First video I’ve seen of the Hunter gameplay, and it was pretty good. It’s just too bad that the excitement was brought down by a Monster that didn’t want to incorporate the famous Ork strategy - “We never lose; we just run away and come back with more Boyz”. If the monster evaded the Hunters when the arena had vanished I reckon it could’ve been far more enjoyable to watch. Still, the teamplay looked awesome and has given me more confidence about buying this game.


The hunters don’t need twitch reactions either. This isn’t COD where getting a 1/2 second faster aim will make a big difference. I will say that watching the people I’ve seen play has made me cringe and feel like I’m watching someone who has never tried an FPS on a controller and doesn’t know how to use analog sticks. They seem incapable of tracking a target.


Yea I agree this is really a very forgiving game in those ways since there aren’t like headshot kills but I was just saying why I think controllers are often seen less effective than k/m. Thoughhh there are some times, I’m just thinking of Markov with assault rifle hitting weakpoints on a moving monster, that will definitely benefit from precise fast reaction.


I’d proudly go head to head with my controller against a Keyboard/Mouse any day. Not sure how I’d do, but I can tell you I could probably compete with most K/M players