New IGN Abe & Cabot gameplay


Did I miss a Cabot reveal? Cause he’s in this video and seems to be using a weapon called “Rail Cannon” which shoots through objects.


can you post a link to the article?


I don’t see one. I was just checking recent videos for updates and this was in the feed.


Posted the same vid using the link,I think there’s no article. IGN in general is doing a bad job at this in my opinion. On their IGN FIRST- Evolve -everything you need to know page,they say to bookmark it,cause all news will be posted there,which is not the case.I found the evolve shoutcast only because I did a 'IGN EVOVLE" google search for the last 24 hours. Also what the hell with those IGN players?Assault popping his shield just as the round started,the guy playing Abe turning around at 3:23(I mean,the monster being highlighted and completely in the open and he just casually turns away form it and tags some random creature- that would only be justified if the dart pistol had limited rane,which I’m not sure of)


You just post the same thing @Verf posted.

Anyway, wow that dust gun…crazy! @SledgePainter, have you seen this?!


… he evolved in a dome, with hunters right there, and they had no one down


Bots do that :slight_smile:


That rail cannon looks super fun.


Not yet, will be now!


Oh its a bot? i was about to call it the worst monster out there LOL


I like the new evolve meter though, looks cool


its not a bot, :stuck_out_tongue:


Could be a human idk, i did it on accidant aswell. For some reason i could not cancel it ( and did not hold V ). But i’ve faced a few bot monsters and some of them evolved right infront of us


Yeah,that was dumb,and dumber still,because it wasn’t a bot- you can see his name when the hunters attack him- tsr2ktester - if it was a bot it would just be “Monster”

Sorry @PeirsPryce clicked “reply” on you and @Rctboy95,but it looks like when you respond you can’t make the forums note that you’re responding to multiple posts :stuck_out_tongue:


OMFG, how can he be so dumb? O.O that is, then, what ppl do to success in losing as monster? xD


Did you guys see the new badge unlocks? That looks interesting!


The steam badges?


in the end with progression. There are badge unlocks at the end of every set of stars it looks like


Oooh, good catch. Yeah that looks nice.


Oh man…an even better way to annoy and track a monster than Val?! I’m all in!