New Ideas For the Game


I think the game is amazing and has come far from where it started off to but there are some things I would like share with you that might help better the game or might be just good ideas but this is just an opinion so don’t take it to harshly.

1.) If there was a way to buy silver Keys or characters with real money. This would give you guys more money and still keep the idea of a free to play game that might keep the attention and if they fall in love with the game they could buy any character at any time.

2.) Being able to link my account from Xbox or PS4 to the PC. Now I know you can link your m2k account but It would be nice if I could transfer all my skins and characters I got from those consoles so I wouldn’t have to repurchase them. As a side not to this it would be cool that if you do link your account you become a founder if you have played before the stage 2 patch.

3.) It would be nice to say you could try to find a match online with the 3 classes you are most comfy with because If you do put all 5 down there is still a chance to become your 5th choice. If you have a good way around this that would be amazing cause twice tonight I had monster as 5 and had to play as monster when I don’t know how to on the PC yet and I didn’t want to play the monster either.

4.) Make a button that can ping others to back off so instead of just pinging the monster they can ping there allies to back away from a certain spot so they do not just walk into a trap and die.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully you respond soon! Thanks love you guys turtlerock!


I am almost 100% confident that that will be the case once it exits the beta phase.

It has been like that from the very beginning. And honestly I don’t think there is really much you can do about it. For example, if 90% of people choose Moster as last pick, there still has to be some Monsters to play at all.

I really like that one. Though in the end, mics would still be the better choice.


I only was saying the ping thing is for the people whose computers don’t have built in mics


Or have a headset :wink: