New ideas for game modes!


Disclaimer: this is just a discussion about new game modes, not a post saying they’re coming.

So if y’all have any good ideas, post them here! Here’s a couple I have:

  1. VIP escort - rather than it being a person you have to get from point A to point B, it would be a slow moving vehicle. Some sort of bot tank that’s tasked with surveying the area. The ones they keep sending keep getting destroyed by the monster, so they get Cabot and his team to escort it. They upgrade it with proximity sensors that activate when the hunters are near. This transfers power from its defense systems (4 auto turrets) to mobility. So if 4 hunters are near, the faster the tank moves, but it’s turrets would be offline. If only 2 hunters are near, it moves slightly faster, but has 2 turrets activated as well. The hunters task is to get it to the extraction zone, the monsters is to destroy it!

  2. Battle mode - I get this idea from the cut scene at the end of extraction. Every character. Every monster. 16 hunters facing off against 4 monsters. That would be EPIC. The current maps obviously aren’t big enough for this, so there would have to be much larger ones. Maybe there could be some vehicles so the hunters could get around faster. A train would be best, that way they can’t just pile on a jeep and chase down the monster.

So there you have it! My 2 ideas. Of you guys have any others feel free to share!


Just changed the title so people don’t get confused,.

Battle mode would be awesome, but I think the devs mentioned something about not all people being able to run it :frowning:

I like the idea of a vehicle escort more than an AI character (those stupid colonists in rescue who run away from everyone and die alone :angry: ), so I can see something like that being used


Monster Mash!
A series of mini games where points are earned and a winner crowned after a set number of rounds.

Mini game ideas:

  • Rock Jump Race: you have you run across a series of pylons while avoiding rocks thrown by a goliath. First to reach the finish wins
  • Behemoth Rally: a race against a behemoth, hunters must navigate an obstacle course and manage their jetpacks as they outrun a behemoth rolling down on them.
  • Quick Draw: colonists and baby monsters fly through the air as targets, points for hitting monsters, minus points for hitting colonists (think duck hunt)
  • PuttPutt: Using sunny’s mininuke you blast a mini behemoth in ball form around until you sink it in the cup

I miss mario party :cry:


SURVIVAL - Its still 4 v1 BUT if the hunters kill the monster they have to wait for their next opponent. If the monster wins it will search for the next hunters trying to kill the monster. if you winn 9 rounds you get to the final round where your opponent has to select the monster/hunters with or with whom you or your team have to play the final round.
DOUBLETIME - 2 monsters vs 8 hunters! the maps have to be a little bit bigger. each hunter could be used just once.


Yet hear we are, with games where two mosnters at a time have spawned in, or multiples of one class i one game…

This game can definitely handle.


Assault Mode:

Play as 4 monsters (all minions) against ebonstar soldiers defending a base compound. The ebonstar soldiers are led by 1 solo human player who commands the compound’s defenses.

Compound has turrets, respawning soldiers, destructible barricades/ walls (this could just be the generators from defend mode), and a final power generator.

This is basically just defend mode from the perspective of the monster and minions. You can drop the human controlled defender and just go 5 monsters against bots.