New idea that would be sick for evolve


Instead of 4 players. Make it 8 players. 2 medics 2 supports 2 trappers 2 assaults vs 2 monsters!! Would be sick and fun as hell!!! Please if yall run with this idea let me know I would really like to know if yall going to go for it.


that would be a good game mode perhaps competing teams. but wouldnt wanna veer too far off the main concept or else it will be a totally new game


The game isn’t really built for this. 2 3 point Rocks throws and you pretty much 1 shot someone. There is just too much burst on both sides for this to even be feasible.


Also, imagine 2 Wraiths WBing around a group. 2 monsters in 1 dome is too small. Also, roles would overlap a bit too much.


And this isn’t a new idea. It’s been around for a really long time


Yeah, I agree - I don’t like it. Just too much chaos - wouldn’t work in the current game build. Maybe with larger maps, different classes, etc. Then that wouldn’t be Evolve - it’d be something different and you would posting suggestions in a different forum.


Well it would be really legit if it were possible and with some minor tweaks to the roles and bigger maps with no domes I might add.