New Idea guys!


TRS should make a time machine and send us forward in time to February 10th

=[ :cry:


If only…


Only a few weeks to go.
Stay strong. We’ll make it through this together.


The withdrawl is killing me. I wake up excited thinking it’s still on then BOOM i remember it’s not… and worst part is, i start school tomorrow :’(


These withdrawal symptomps is a sign of something disastrous. Something terrible has been released upon our world… A game so addicting it dominates lives. Evolve. Whatever will we do!? Help devs! We need our daily Evolve injections!


Sometimes, i feel like i would want to freeze myself like Cartman did in Wii episode, but the i remember how disastrous consequences it had… yeah, i do need my fix though… so Youtube, here i come :smiley: