New idea for monster


1 I dunno where the officail monster idea thread is so just link it there. And m not a artist so i cant give images what i think it is .

My idea is its gameplay and abilitys that could be used .

A reflection ability. I got the idea while playing GODZILLA , there is another monster called Mothra that can reflect Godzilla’s ATOMIC BREATH . I thought of a monster with sort of that ability , it cant attack but goes in a type of defence mode for a few seconds , all damage done to the monster will be returned to the hunter that damages him. The monster can move but he cant use traversal or attack while its active. If the monster unleashes it at the right moment it can be devistating on unaware hunters.

more of a passive ability but I got the idea from ALIEN , the monster’s movements are mostly mute and it’s sillout is dark and small , with the new trapper compass the monster’s hide could have some interference with the compass and make it less accurate. The monster is mostly stealth based with abilitys that inflict tons of damage in one hit but are easy to dodge so the monster must make use of that stealth.

Parasite , ( this topic has been gone over thousands of times, but i got a idea) , i got the idea from a villian in a anime called One Piece. The villian can use a parasite to controle victims. SOunds stupid i know . But the monster can have a ability like gorgon’s mimic , where it can controle the movement of its target for a few seconds. It can move a hunter into a dangourus area or throw them off the trail for a few seconds. But like gorgon during this monster is idle.

absorbing , the monster can drain the health of a hunter and refill its own health . its kind of a win/lose situation because he cant attack other hunters while doing this , leading to being nuked or just being skinned alive and it will of course alert them to its presence. could be the pounce of this monster.

thats a few of my ideas. Link it to the idea post and sorry for the grammer and spelling


I think it’s this one


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