New hunters?


Those silhouettes from here:

2 of them kinda look like Caira & Emet, but the 2 others seem kinda new, any idea?


I believe one of them is Renegade Abe, which I believe has a topic around here somewhere.


They are Electric Griffin, Renegade Abe, the Caira variant, and the Parnell variant. The former 2 have had images of them leaked.


Oh ok, cool, so they’re just new variants, that’s cool, hopefully TRS will give us new hunters in the F2P is successful enough.


The cool thing is knowing that all the Tier 2 is done :stuck_out_tongue:


Renegade abe is the name of the skin,not the adaption


Actually if you look at the skin and the picture of that one you can tell it’s the same


no no i know that skin is for the adaption, its just that the adaption itself isnt named Renegade Abe


It says Renegade Abe Monarch Hunter Skin, if it’s to small to read :stuck_out_tongue:


oh,im sorry then,didnt saw that


It’s all fine :stuck_out_tongue: Just didn’t want myself to go insane for a second :wink:


Wait a second…
We went from
Meaty - markov/val -rammsteindaisy/hank -
Kelder - (griff/bucket) - and now abe???
That jump from tier 2 to tier 3 escaleted pretty quickly…


I wouldn’t exactly call them “new” hunters but yeah, more adaptations are coming.


Renegade Abe is the variation the skins are Monarch and Maneater, I should know because I was the one who found them in the store.


Yeah, they aren’t really going via tier anymore I guess. In the roster CURRENTLY (don’t know if this is how they’ll be released) are Electro Griffin, Q Caira, Renegade Abe, and P Parnell.

I can’t remember what Q Caira’s description was, but P Parnell’s has to do with him finding an experimental Berserker Suit.


Any hint about new wraith variant?


None so far. I can go see what the official “summaries” are, gimme a sec.


Electro Griffin: Straight out of his crazy 80’s movie.

Q Caira: She’s a Druid!

Renegade Abe: The atomic warrior.

P Parnell: Found an experimental super suit…

No idea what Caira’s could mean, but the general consensus is that her, “Defining First Word” is “Quantum”. This is unconfirmed, just speculation.

No idea what P Parnell’s DFW could be, but clearly some crazy shit’s gonna go down with his Super Serum. His Rocket Launcher also looks HUGE in his picture. Or… maybe he’s just tiny? dun dun dunnnnn


It feels damn weird that they kinda skipped over laz and hyde…


That doesn’t mean they skipped them. Just means that those are the ones founders get without paying in Keys.