New hunters


They should add a new trapper with a net instead of harpoons


You think a net is going to hold a giant creature several times the size of a human? Unlikely, and even if a net could do so, it’d be far too massive and heavy for a hunter to carry. They’re already making new hunters, so just leave it to them.

Also, Abe’s Stasis Grenades are sort of like nets… Sorta.


A planet is being attacked by Monsters from another dimension, so yes I believe future space nets can stop them and can be carried by hunters and deployed in a form of a grenade because of science fiction reasons.


Well, with a future space net stopping the monster, what purpose does the Mobile Arena play? Just spam your net. Griffon’s Harpoon gun is already hell to play against, and Abe’s grenades already function as a net of sorts.


Well yea your right


I’m really hoping that after they release these new hunters they won’t be afraid to add a new class skill for each Hunter and maybe some new traversal methods.
Cause I love jet packs but sometimes I hate jetpacks


Heh. Jetpacks are like a minigame of their own. Your ability to manage fuel can make or break a game.
Still! A mobile trapper that uses skills to travel quickly could be rather cool!