New hunters sound almost.... OP


Just on paper the new hunters sound like they will faceroll roflstomp the monsters. They all sound prefect to take out the behemoth, as well as anything living on Shear.

Now this is just on paper, and my opinion, but I don’t think any monster will have a chance against a half decent team made up of the new 4.

My second concern is with bbehemoth. We all know he is big and rolls, but my concern is with his escapability. His sneak will probably unbearably slow, climbing almost nonexistent (due to speed), his roll takes sometime to get up to speed, and has an insanely big hit box. All of these combined with the 4 new hunters being “OP on paper” really concerns me. I’m a hunter or bust person and can’t wait to play these new guys, but I will be reluctant to play them if my fears are correct. How do you think this will play out?


Do you mind if i create a somewhat long message about counters i have already spotted amongst new hunters to disprove opness?
Edit: ill probably do it anyway, just figured id be polite and ask :3


Please do! That is what I wanted lol

Edit:and your opinion on behemoths slow traversal and large size if you have one


I’m aiming for a civil debate thread here for any other people that see this thread

Edit: or if you want to offer potential strategies that would be cool to!


Not sure if you saw the Monday afternoon stream or not. The Friday one wasn’t that spectacular, and it made Behemoth look like a chump. They had Brill, I think, from the TRS / 2K studio (not sure which one… my memory really sucks) playing the monster today (Monday), and Behemoth didn’t look as bad as he did on Friday. His speed in ball form is actually pretty good, and his climbing speed isn’t nearly as slow as I had expected.

I agree that he does have an insanely large hitbox, and this seems to make his health melt away like butter under a magnifying glass. I’m not thinking of Behemoth as a “tank” monster right now, but instead like a kind of “glass cannon”. He can dish out a tremendous amount of hurt in a really short order, but he’s going to get massively hurt doing it.

Anyway, that’s my impression of him so far.


His he more of a stage 1-2 fighter? Or better off getting to stage 3 with behemoth?


Like most monsters, I don’t think he does well at Stage 1. He doesn’t have enough tools. I think that at Stage 2 he is ideal, since he will have access to more of his abilities.

Behemoth does need to use his abilities to control the battlefield. You can use Rock Wall and Tongue Grab to control where the hunters are in relation to yourself, although Tongue Grab seems even harder to hit with than Wraith’s Abduction does. Using Lava Bomb can create danger zones for the hunters, forcing them to be circumspect about where they stand in a dome, while Fissure can be used as a sneak attack, especially as it goes over the Rock Wall.

An excellent tactic, if you can pull it off, seems to be Tongue Grab on a hunter, followed by Rock Wall, melee pound the hunter into paste, then Lava Bomb the incapped body so he can roast to death while you roll away.

Additionally, @MacMan said that instead of rolling into a ball to chase a hunter, then jumping out to melee them, it’s better to just roll over a hunter who has little health left. You can do damage and just keep on moving.


Torvald=Assault, Long Range Damage Dealer, Basically a Mini Orbital Barrage on legs.
At long ranges, Torvald will be deadly, but given the speed at which most, if not all monsters, can close distance, his primary weapon seems extremely lackluster compared to the other, more personal weapons of other assaults.
In short-Torvald can dole out mean damage, but it wont be consistent due to general speed of monsters

The shotgun.
Apparently one of TRS’s favorite weapons, Torvald sports a Auto-Fire shotgun, weaker than Parnells but faster firing. Keep in mind this is a secondary weapon, it shall not deal tons of damage, but given the assault class, it will still demand respect. Coupled with his shrapnel grenades, it could even turn deadly. However, as with all shotguns, distance is a killer. So monsters can easily run from him and not fear him, due to his midrange capabilities being low.
In short- Basically a toned down Parnell, will require a monster to pay attention, but will most likely be non-life threatening

Shrapnel Grenades- not much to say, assault that can make his own weakspots, only amplify as much as laz, not utterly terrifying
Op? No, we have these, theyre named lazarus, and last time i checked that isnt very scary

Crow-(I shall refer to him as batman for personal reasons) Trapper, Long Range, Charged Weaponry, an apparent lover of avian creatures.

Long Rifle-The thing all monsters dreaded would arrive.
A weapon that can deal direct health damage. Id shutter at the thought, if the thing didnt deal next to no damage. While it sounds scary as all hell on paper, in reality a weapon of this sort is highly situational and will be rather unconventional at times. Sure, you could deal tiny chunks of health damage, but the entire time your team is getting absolutely manhandled due to a lack of battlefield control.
Whos job is that?
Oh right!
In short- Weapon sounds horrifying, but in reality it isnt a huge threat and will likely remain underused due to a greater need of CC than damage.
Op? Keep dreamin

Stasis rifle- its a gun that shoots abes sh*tty pokeballs, hardly a threat, unless charged, then it becomes more useful.
In short-Situational uses, mainstay weapon, only form of CC, not the best form of CC
Op? Lol just like abe, HELL NAH

Only means of active tracking, requires Batman to be on high alert, not entirely reliable due to a need of a general direction, a thing most monsters will not give. Once found though, a monster will learn to hate gobi, as it is unlikely he will lose you.
In short- A dulled down cross between dust tag and tracking darts, choose a direction, scan direction, find stuff. Not 100% reliable, but when it works, it bloody works.
Op? Naw

Slim, the bug guy, hydes sworn enemy, first on every monsters list of things to SQUASH

His Shotgun- Really TRS? Another shotgun? To each their own i suppose.
Speeds up recharge of healing field, his one true way of healing, with each pellet that hits a monster, makes him a sort of battle medic, dangerous stuff right there, being the guy the monster wants dead, and you have to get CLOSER to the monster to be effective. High risk, High reward, and a whole lotta pain
In short- Will turn into a pain in the ass for Monsters that cant combo well, but burst damage will take the little bugger out of action quick enough
Op? Eh, laz can heal quick too, and we all know how he turns out (laz up anyone?)

Drone of teh heals- Single Target, not yet clear on how targeting works (will assume it will buzz off to whoever is in los, like a mobile medgun).
Drone will heal a hunter until the hunter takes damage. How is that a problem? Oh right, they need to be healed while taking damage, so a hunter getting focused is a hunter that wont be getting healed any time soon.
In short- Horrible in battle heals, will cause a major reliance upon good cloaks and fast dodgers, not exactly the greatest
Op? Dont make me laugh

Scent masking- its a cloak that only stops sniffing, whatever, its a cool little toy, wont stop me from disintegrating you with a level 3 rock throw
In short? Its cool i guess, sort of just a cloak without the cloak

Lastly, SUNNY, the impossible girl that apparenly everyone but me knows about (HOORAY FOR CLUELESSNESS!!)

Mininuke- Highest damaging weapon in the game, requires great amount of skill to use, imagine a death star being controlled by a three year old. Its scary looking and scary sounding, but it aint gonna hit sheit.
In short? Will hardly be used, jetpack boost and Shield drones are waaay more important for supporting your team cuz guess what? Shes a support!
Op? Negative
Jetpack boost- a medgun for a jetpack, cool, you can flit around more, guess what? I can kill it at the source. Like hanks shield projector, only purple. The come here and kill me stream. Ima patent that.
In short- just like every other beam weapon, stronk af, but can be easily stopped by killing the thing operating it
Op? About as op as hank

Shield drone- floating robot hank, break los, break robot, profit.
Easy peasy squeezy lemons.
Sheesh im gettin tired, if you couldnt already tell.
In short- like i said, just little hanks, easy enough to overload, even easier to crush at the source.
Op? If it had a beard maybe.

I was originally gonna list counters for the hunters such as “Abduct Torvald, insta close range, 0 damage possibility” but i got lazy, so yeah, i just described everyones kit weakness. I might come back tomorrow to make it more “professional” but idk, i kinda like it as is. Im rambling again. Well anyway, theres my thing, be happy cuz no op


All the hunters are skillshot…or trade offs for abilities and not inherently defensive,

Trapper: deals direct health damage! Op right? Charge up=low ROF, makes him go slow, isn’t using slow down effects on monster making him easier to focus. I foresee his slow gun being most used.

Support: A nuke?!..That is slow to fire and most likely avoidable. Jetpack is strong

Assault: More avoidable stuff

Medic: He can leech health! But has to be in combat and how have medics fared so far in combat? Not well.

I am excited but not at all nervous for monsters sake.


Play the game before deciding their strengths how about.


All your answers for op or not are gold.

Do you really not know about Sunny though? Pretty heavy lore shit goin on with her joining. Read the canon!


The canon says “Load canon balls in this end, light this end… BOOM!.. Repeat”
Hee Hee Hee…

Sorry… I couldn’t resist… :laughing:


+1 for the Mass Effect reference!

Also, read the canon story, “The Sword” for Sunny.


I thought behemoth rolls really fast so no worries there, my concern is in both streams behemoths health and armor burnt really quickly, even from and incap pistol


I feel like Slim will end up being picked a lot less then Caira and possibly val after her buff. Might get picked more than Laz cause he does have some healing outside of healing burst and has more utility abiltiies. I think the drone had better heal pretty fast to make up for uselessness in combat.

Crow will be alright probably same pick rate as the others. People are worried about the long rifle, but it probably does very little damage to health when charged up and it sounds like it takes a while to charge up in which time you could have been slowing the monster. I dunno about Gobi yet. WIth pub temas its gonna be annoying since he’s the only one who can see what Gobi see’s.

Sunny looks alright

Torvald I’m not sure since I dunno if his mortars are straight shots or they have an arc you have work with. grenade shotgun combo seems alright at close range.

They don’t seem like they are gonna be the only thing people pick which is nice. They definately have their disdvantages


Slim is pretty cool. What people think he drone wont be useful in-combat it will make up by healing those who aren’t being focused. So it will essentially keep everyone at 100% except the person the monster is fighting, meaning he has to work extra hard for kills. Plus if he changes focus, that person who was getting hammered is now on the drones to-heal list.

It’s a little weird, but it will assure everyone gets healed.


I will laugh on friday when the first crow hp shot hits the behemoth and its so low u can barely tell lolol.


the one thing I think will allow sunny to be op is that she can multitask, shielding while regening packs or doing hella damage with her mininuke. the one thing I want to know is: if her drones are destroyed, is that it? i’m assuming that they can be damaged, but do they come back after a cooldown, do they come back like daisy on the dropship, or do they simply not come back at all? if she has to babysit her bots, she’ll be a pain in her very sexy ass to play.


everybody can see what gobi sees. its a more directional version of dust tagging.


So far all the hunters feel like they are leaning towards a sustain type of style for T4, the same way T3 is designed purely around damage.

Healing Bots and shield bots provide good healing over time, while the medic is the most combat-oriented medic, staying near other hunters and shooting the monster non-stop. Assault is built more for long range, how do you stay alive? Don’t get near that monster!

T4 games will be very careful games, with positioning being everything. I think T4 will stand the best chance against stage 2-3 monsters, but a little bit less punishing towards Stage 1.

I could be wrong, but that’s what it feels like