New hunters or monsters or maps


I think the community needs new things

  • New Monsters
  • New Hunters
  • New Maps
  • New options

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I hope People vote up, the game is in beta now, but… We still need new things to keep it all fresh :blush:

so far, people want new maps the most :stuck_out_tongue:
Monsters are wanted too


What exactly do you mean by “New Options”?


They have already said new monsters and hunters in the first 4 weeks of beta. LoL!


hmm, New gamemodes new buffs perks etc and like.

Backgroud or Fresh options that the world of evolve hasn’t seen yet :3


Have they? Where?


4 new hunters in 8 weeks. My bad. @13:00 min


votes all of the above

right now I just want the devs to work their hardest on perfecting the beta and pushing out to consoles asap, which they’ve been doing (yay!). but here’s a little secret, they’re currently doing all of this already! (balancing new/old maps, making map and hunter and monster variants, creating new mechanics to make the game smoother both in and out of play, etc. plus who knows, we might be seeing a tier 6 eventually if evolve stage 2 continues to do as well as its doing now!


I would love to see it all but I think Monsters change the game so much that that is what I would like to see more of.

Fighting the monster or playing as the monster is so different between them that it keeps the game fresh for both sides.