New hunters not being available for me even though i have the season pass and steam says theyre installed


Okay wtf Turtle rock, i have played as all of the new tier 4 hunters in the pass and when i get on today it says i need to go visit the store to purchase them when i already have the season pass and should have them already. M8 please, wtf is this and im not going to pay for them again


PC, PS4, Xbox One?


PC, and it seems every time i exit out of the game from the main menu my game crashes and i have to close out with task manager


Paging @THISaint. He’s the Steam purchase god around here. :slight_smile: Good luck.


Hey breaston, don’t worry about it man. Roses gotya covered homes


Thanks rose


Rose knows everything, watch out. :wink:


… Did you just call him Breaston? O_o gee, I wonder what’s on your mind tonight.


Hey there,

Try this:

Right click on the Evolve in your Steam Library and click View Downloadable Content. Tick the box to download the cosmic skins and restart Steam.


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