New Hunters from 'Art of Evolve'

Having just purchased the Art of Evolve book I’m glad to say it’s better than I even expected. The concept art is great and as I was really interested by the character design and development, I was amazed to see a 2 page spread on pages 92 and 93 of potential hunter ideas. I’ve listed below my top 5 in no particular order that I’d like to see appear in the game and I’d like to hear everyone else’s opinions and ideas…

  1. Dr Monroe. Listed as a female trapper, the most distinctive characteristic is the 3 alien looking insects/small birds that she has flying around her.
  2. Allbright. A medic of what appears to be a small skinny guy with glasses in a huge mechanical suit. I liked the idea of a bulkier medic that still keeps the vulnerable side still ie teammates need to protect the medic. I think character wise he’d be a bit a coward, not very combat ready (screaming and crying a lot would sound hilarious) and have some great dialogue with members like Hyde.
  3. Kiko- Female Assault who yes- has twin katanas and twin dual wielding Uzis. Simply looks bad ass. (Would be great if they were a mute too- maybe only saying a knew ord at the end of a fight)
  4. Brick - assault. A huge insectoid perhaps from the mutagen wars- looks incredible. Looks like he has insect wings instead of a Jetpack.
  5. Wotan- support. Definitely should be assault. This guy looks like a beast. Demon style helmet with a big freaky gun.
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Hey Devs, are any of the hunter ideas in the art book still alive and kicking or did you have to give up on them for whatever reason? some of those look like cool ideas.

Damn, now I want some pictures.

(I realy should make a topic about this)anyway does anyone know where to find the art of evolve?

(if its for sale)

pictures please

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oh thanks :smile: