New Hunter Training "Missions"


I was wondering if there was anything in the works to include some in depth training for new hunters? As of now the only playable training new players get seems lacking. Part of that being that it’s pretty much just assault training. Or do you think what’s provided is enough? Thanks MacMan

Nothing new in the works as far as training though we are planning on adding more information per character, such as summaries and difficulty rating. This will be more important as more Adaptations are added to the game.

Personally, I play solo Arena mode to practice with new characters.


I always do that!

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Cool beans. Kind of like Heros of the storm does with it’s characters.

Thank for the reply

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Back in my day we had to use Defend mode to do that!
shakes imaginary cane* :laughing:


Even trapper?

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Yeah. Just finished the first pass text for all the characters and handed off to Matt. I think it’ll be pretty cool.

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