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So I have a tracker idea,
Result of gene splicing like slim, scout mixed himself with a breed of wolf known for its tracking ability
Name: Scout
Personality: serious but sometimes playful , other hunters call him good boy when he traps monster or tracks it on its trail , his tail will wag.
Passive ability: faster sprint because he gets down on all fours and runs like a wolf. ( no jetpack, but can climb walls and jump pretty high/far)
LB : smell, 15 second recharge
RB: dome
B: 6 shooter with incindiary ammo
Y : pharamone launcher that temporarily deters monsters sight/smell if walked through within 30 seconds of spray or directly sprayed on.


^ dumbest idea ever


If you don’t have something nice to say keep it to yourself


Don’t worry about him. He has been dealt with by our moderators.

Nice hunter concept.


Is there a linked thread with more hunter ideas, like the monsters?


There is! New Hunter Suggestions Thread


Looooool hahahahahahahaha “yes head moderator!”


I’m not entirely sure what you mean or why you’ve said that, but I suppose it doesn’t matter.