New hunter revealed! details leaked inside!


Okay, I admit to hacking into the main website and through figuring out the website’s data code I have found early information about a NEW HUNTER yet to be revealed for the game, I risk posting this as I will probably get banned but I want to leak this awesome new character as my gift to you all! The new Hunter is here:



You, sir, get 10 demerits for giving me a mild heart attack.

That being said…well played.


Wait a minute, us British don’t get demerits! So that doesn’t count! :stuck_out_tongue:


You troll, I was all excited there


What, you don’t want Elmer Fudd as a new Hunter? :stuck_out_tongue:


I am also British. But since I can’t look at you sternly through the internet to show my mild annoyance, demerits have to suffice. I’ll have them converted into GBP :stuck_out_tongue:


PLOT TWIST! I never knew you were British too! But hey, since you can’t look at me sternly through the internet, I can sure do the opposite of “sternly”!


Chloe approves :smile:

I’m undercover, so sometimes I sound American, but don’t let that fool you. Also, I don’t have gif-making time or skills right now, so this is my offering…


Oh it’s easy if you have a webcam and use and you can make one of yourself in at least five seconds!

Seriously, I wouldn’t even know how to make a gif in general though! :laughing:


You sir get props for finding a most excellent hunter. I look forward to hunting the giant monster wabbit that goes with this hunter, Should’ve put the pic in a 2nd post, for I saw elmer before reading the whole post


Yeah I was trying to put it into a spoiler but spoiler tags only work for text on this forum and not the pictures, sadly. :frowning:

Still a second post could have worked better, like you said!


Haha, good stuff SlinkyGuy! I could not help but wonder what it would be like if Looney Tunes met Evolve…


Maybe something like this?


Slinky may not know who one of the new hunters is but I do… its me baby me because I’m commander Shepherd and this us NY favourite foams on the web. New plot twist dum dum duuuum (insert picture of belt)


Oh man! That’s a solid team comp! As a personal preference though I’d run Sylvester as my trapper and Taz as my assault. While Sylvester’s damage isn’t as good as Elmer’s, his tracking is unmatched. He seems to have problems keeping the monster tied down though. Taz makes up for it though with his raw speed and damage, though he needs a good support and medic to keep him alive - he is kind of a glass canon.

On a side note, has anyone figured out the Bugs and Daffy combo yet? I hear they have good synergy, but I can’t seem to figure out how the strategy works. I also can’t choose which one to focus down as the monster. Any insights?


oh i know this one you take the gremlin his support ability is the only way to make bugs and daffy work though i still have not found good synergy for pepe le pew he just keeps grabbing people instead of healing them makes me want to scream stranger danger