New hunter lockers


Just thinking here, where’s the new hunters lockers? It’s a stupid detail i know but do you think they will just never add them or?


I don’t think they’ll get any. All new Hunters were survivors of the Fall of Shear. They aren’t part of the Crew- they’re add-ons, as it were. I doubt they’ll get any new lockers.

Maybe little crates, though? They should have something.


Ya but they are on the ship now, I see some empty lockers hanging around there, look across the way from lazs locker there’s a few open. New hunters have rights too!


Well Slim isn’t technically human any more, and Crow seems to have given civilization the middle finger.

But I would like to see them get their own things. :slight_smile:


Lol torvald doesnt wear clothes, slim only needs 1 pair of pants, crow is a recluse with one pelt he wears and is probably used to it and sunny is probably so busy working on shit her clothes are strewn about, theyre fine lol a bunch of champs