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So recently i was thinking about new hunters. I mainly play trapper so i wanted to pitch an idea at turtle rock studios. So my idea is a trapper with a bow. So the 2 Functions of the Bow are damage and a way to slow the monster. So the way the slow would work is it would be a harpoon the shoots at the monster and fires backwards behind the trapper to terrain in order to create a trapper that would almost combine Maggie and Griffin’s harpoons. In order to make a more mobile trapper that can still keep the monster where the trapper and the team wants him. The damage part of the bow I was thinking would be a normal arrow that would have some drop and the longer you held the arrow back the farther it would go. Then i was thinking of two possible tracking devices for this trapper. The first one would be a hawk or other bird that would circle in a area around the trapper and make a audio and on screen queue of the area he was in and the hawk would follow the monster for 5-10 seconds.The second i was thinking of a tracking arrow or an arrow that would sense sound in an area. i personally like the hawk idea cause it isn’t like Abe’s or Griffin’s way of tracking. If we could get this near the top and start a list of everyone’s ideas that would be awesome also for the name. I saw a little tip about Griffin having a old hunting buddy maybe this could be him!


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