New hunter idea

So I have a tracker idea,
Result of gene splicing like slim, scout mixed himself with a breed of wolf known for its tracking ability
Name: Scout
Personality: serious but sometimes playful , other hunters call him good boy when he traps monster or tracks it on its trail , his tail will wag.
Passive ability: faster sprint because he gets down on all fours and runs like a wolf. ( no jetpack, but can climb walls and jump pretty high/far)

RB: dome
LB: smell ( 15 second recharge, 200 meter radius)
B: 6 shooter with incindiary ammo
Y : pharamone launcher that temporarily deters monsters sight/smell if walked through within 30 seconds of spray or directly sprayed on.

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Sounds Cool, But Right Thumbstick is for Pinging on hunters :frowning:

Replace aeiral drone with smell ability? Since the character I thought of doesn’t like much tech, a drone wouldn’t e fitting

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I felt the drone didn’t fit.
keep scent
this character sounds awesome.

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Thanks guys, I have a few more ideas, but I’ll wait till I see how this one is recieved

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I can see him and sunny getting along :smiley:she did say she would give Torvald a puppy :wink:

Oh my god yes XD torvald with his viking voice telling scout he’s a good boy XD

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Scout : looks down* I’m still part human.
Sunny: pets his head* and you’re a very good boy
Scout: okay now I’m ready to fight! Tail starts wagging.

Right thumbstick click must be for pinging.

“Hey guys, the monster is over there!”
“Where? Ping it.”
“I can’t…”

Pheromone launcher is an exact replica of Slim’s spore launcher. They are literally the exact same thing.

The drone wouldn’t be nearly as useful as the other trapper tracking abilities. It might cover a larger area than a sound spike, but it’s just a copy of the sound spike, but larger.

Sprinting doesn’t make sense mechanically. He’s faster than everyone else? Ok, so everyone else will lag behind while he sprints ahead? What about Sunny’s boost gun? It’s really called the “Fuel Booster”. It boosts the fuel in someone’s jetpack, making it awesome. She can’t do that if this character doesn’t have one.

Not trying to be mean here, just saying that while this is a cool concept, the mechanics are borrowed and flawed. Some constructive criticism.

Well not everything would be completely unique. At some point things become borrowed and reused

Jesus Christ!

100 meter radius?

  1. switch the revolver to Y. That’s where the damaging gun goes.
  2. He needs a CC ability. That pharamone thing doesn’t fit that. It also is a straight rip off of the spore cloud.
  3. why does he have to be told he’s a good boy? Is he a child? Or did the mutation effect his brain? If it did how can he still speak in a coherent way? None of this makes sense and it’s kinda weird. Make him a BA Lycan with a thirst for blood not some child/puppy that craves attention.

Generally speaking hunters have 3 things, a way of tracking a way of slowing and a damage dealer. A smell ability would be really nice either by actual smell of echolocation I think an exact replica of the monster smell would be great, maybe a bit larger radius. As for an ability to slow the monster down I’d like to investigate Ice and sub zero temperatures. Maybe a mine that once stepped on freezes the monster to a slow pace for a while, or completely stops it for a second or two, maybe an ice-thrower (See flamethrower for details)? Lastly as a damage dealer this one is pretty straightforward, just no more shotguns. I feel that a sniper rifle fits for a tracker but Val and Laz already have them and Crow’s long rifle isn’t far off so I would suggest something more along the lines of a grenade launcher.
Just my two cents.

The difference is that the pharamone is an actual liquid, if it hits the monster directly it blocks the players vision for like 10 seconds by making everything blurry and wavy

Okay, that’s called tear gas. And it is a great suggestion of have a hunter throw a tear gas grenade to disorient and blind the monster. Briefly. Very briefly if it’s a direct ability. If it has a long cooldown, this is great. If it is indirect, like Hyde’s toxic grenades, much shorter cooldown.

And to some degree, things will be altered or borrowed in some way, but out of the sixteen hunters so far, not one thing is a rip off of any ability. The closest I can say is Torvald and Parnell’s shotguns. One is slower and controllable. The other is faster and blows the whole magazine. But they’re both still guns that fire a load of lead at enemies. Even Slim’s leech gun is similar to a shotgun and functions the same way, save for the heal burst recharge mechanic.

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So it puts the monster on acid?

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woulndt y be like slim weapon and the incendiay be like carias

Do you even English?

I’m just kidding, but seriously, try to clarify what you wrote, I have no idea what the question is. Was that a question?