New Hunter Idea: Monster's Worst Nightmare


Make a new trapper that rides a Nomad and has a pet mammoth bird. Make them have Abe’s stun grenades and Griffin’s harpoon


You are the real monster here sir.


Does the mammoth bird have torvald mortars on its back?


No! No, God no! Why would you even say that?! That’s…Some things should never be said aloud. :wink:


I agree.
@BehemothIsBroken1 Those aren’t stun grenades, they are slow grenades. ^.^
A stun, and a slow are both CC; yes. But they aren’t the same form of CC. :smile:


Make his primary weapon a venom hound dart gun and his tactical a tyrant barrage signal and we have a good support


If anything they’d ride a Blitzleopard.