New hunter idea, assault, woman


I’d like to see a bulky woman assaulter. Maybe a german named Heidi or Hilda something, to resemble stereotypical big german athletic woman.

Weapons, I wanted to see a lasercutter like Hyde wanted from Hank. However the range would have to be limited and not sure how it would work “lore-wise” with a laser that only reaches 30ish meter. So another idea was a 40-60mm flakcannon. I know flak was very long rangem but it would technically be done to have a shorter fuse to explode much closer. Making it a cannon sort of weapon, fewer rounds, slow rate of fire, big explosion. Sorta like rocketlauncher for Parnell. However it would be short range and deal more damage since it would be a primary weapon.

Secondary, a semi automatic rifle, or a simular weapon to lasercutter, laser rifle. Accurate, long range, weak damage.

Utility ability, movement speed by 50% and not be able to be knocked back. Or at least lower the knockback. “Gravboots” or something. Make it last for a simular time as Parnells. To make her an “assaulter” instead of a “knockback:e”.


My idea for a weapon for this character is a beam blade. Think of it as a long (5m), constant stream of energy.

The reason it is so short is you can’t just poke the monster with it. You have to activate it, and then slash the monster with it to do damage. Just standing there will do negligible damage.