New Hunter equipment and appearances for consideration


After the brief leak about some new hunters (found on the New Footage Topic thread), I chose not to pass judgement until more info is revealed. I will say however that I’m a little concerned about it. With that in mind I decided to provide some suggestions for the new hunters equipment, some of these are class specific while others are not.

Transfusion Ray: medic can aim this at another Hunter and give them some of his/her health, but will stop and can not be used once is at half health. When aimed at an enemy it drains their health/armour and converts it into health for the medic. Optionally it could simply store health energy into charges and can then be used on a teammate instead of sacrificing the medics health

Tracking display: acts like the handheld sonar in alien allowing the detection of the monster within a certain range. Options to consider are whether or not it also picks up hostile wildlife, whether it only detects movement or if it could detect nearby tracks or stealth tracks

Barrier projector: the support plants one of these devices and it creates a temporary wall that blocks attacks, this could be used by hunters to take cover behind. Another option would be to place the projector on a wall and it would create barrier overhead protecting the Hunter from aerial attacks

Sonic Cannon: used by the assault, it launches a short burst of concussive force that will knock back hostile entities (same amount as Goliath’s leap smash) but only damages a little and is short range (same as flamethrower). The usefulness is that it can interrupt the monsters abilities and can be used to push him toward a trap or mines. To prevent it from being OP it would have a longer recharge per shot

Teleport pad: like it says place two down and warp from one point to another such as from one end of the portable arena to another to evade attacks. Probably only works short range as warping from one end of the map to another would be a bit OP. Can only be used four times per pair (once for each Hunter) then it self destructs.

Tesla mine: place two of these hovering mines and they will release an electrical charge to each other the moment anything hostile comes between them. They only work if there are two of teethe moment one is destroyed the other mine ceases operation until a new one is placed relatively close by

Cloaking projector: creates a temporary area when planted that will cloak any Hunter as long as they remain with range of the independent device

Taser bola: when successfully hit the monster recovers stamina slowly and takes a small amount of damage over time (like Hyde’s gas grenade) though it doesn’t last long and can’t be used again until the previous one has worn off. Also consider the option that it prevents feeding, or destroying the generator due to the continuos electrical shock

Cryo-bomb: a bomb that when detonated temporarily freezes hostile entities, but only for a Very short time. It would also have a small blast radius and a longer recharge to prevent OP. An option to consider is that it could afterward cause the monster to either move slower, have longer ability cooldowns, or slower stamina recovery

Decoy drone: releases a drone that creates a holo projection around itself mimicking the Hunter. It would run around pretending to shoot at the monster, though it would not cause any damage. Unlike most independent devices it would take a couple melee attacks to destroy, though far less then it would take to down a Hunter at full health. It would only operate for a limited amount of time though that should be enough in the midst of a chaotic battle

I really hope the Devs see these ideas before the newest hunters are finalized. If anyone else has suggestions or ideas for the new hunters equipment or appearances, please feel free to share. After all we want this game to be awesome in every way possible.


Some good ideas here! The Cloak Projector would be sweet for a Trapper.


Alright, I may not be the smartest guy here, but I really want a hunter with a heartbeat detector that operates like the monsters smell ability :stuck_out_tongue:


I only have one very simple add for the trapper mainly, but all hunters could use this and I can’t believe I haven’t seen any suggestion for them yet: Binoculars


I often use the scopes, but I can see where this would help out everyone!


Hey @MacMan I was wondering, if you want, if you could look at some of my ideas posted above and tell me whether any of these could be viable in the game. This is partly so I can get a better understanding of what could work and what wouldn’t, when designing various concepts in a game. Also because I would love to see some of these things used in the game. I know the new hunters are in their final stages now, and they seem great, but I hope these ideas could be used for another tier later.


Would love to. Will take me some time to go through them. Let me work through some things at work here first and I’ll come back to these. There are a lot of them!


Just throwing in my idea here, Trapper based,
Somewhat down the isle of a custom hunting bow.

so bare with me here as im alittle bad with explaning :stuck_out_tongue:
you get to choose, you can either fire the bow right away, if you hit the monster, the line will stay for 1 second then automatically snap, during the 1second it can’t be broken tho.

Or you can place 1-5 ‘‘hooks’’ on the ground, when you fire at a monster with a hook placed on the ground, in a wall, or even on the cealing of a cave, the hooks connect to the monster, much like maggies traps. These however would only last 3 seconds maximum before breaking naturally if the monster is trying to move (wich he usually will be). or end fast if the monster swipes them ofcourse. only the regular shot will be unbreakable.

The hooks would be alittle faster placed/armed than maggies traps, but slow enough to compensate so the trapper couldent run indefinately without ever getting caught.

The hook line would have a large range,
If the bow is fired without a hook, the projectile woulden’t travel as fast as normal harpoon guns, rather it would loose speed over long distances, and the reload speed of the bow in either case, would be alittle slower than reloading maggies trap gun.