New hunter Callout Feature


i think we need a dedicated way to tell your medic “i need a heal” because normally I have to drop an orbital on caira to get some health


I agree, last night I even had a medic (Val) running around the entire match with 25% health. They weren’t even burst healing themselves… uhhhh some of the people that play this game


I really don’t think we need one. The characters have VO which is triggered automatically when the character is low on health. In any case, you could just use your mic. In Team fortress 2 It’s a nice thing to have because there are so many players in just a single game, but as medic you only have to take care of three people… Well and of course yourself. :smile:


Just like in dota2.

Game is hard. :smiley:


randys don’t have mics though


You’d be surprised what happens when you start talking yourself sometimes. People at least start using chat, if not hooking up their own mics.


most of the time they don’t answer


dont worry dude when u reach lvl 40 hunters r very good


They don’t need a mic to hear.