New hunter Assault: cybersquid soldior


Its basically me but not minecrafty at all. Here is all his abilities.

1.He can move perfectly in water.

2.His gun is a hyrdagen cannon that shoots water at boiling tempature.

3.A secondary that creates flying squid minions that fire burst of boiling water at the monster.

4.his jetpack is a water jetpack.

5.He conceals himself with water instead of energy as his shield.

5.He lays trip mines that when step on, Unleashes a water tentacle that grabs the monster with a effect of hurting the monster by a little.

well that’s it.Please do this TRS for me.


Mhmm… Not sure it’s ever going to happen. ^.^


it will. it will! and I the cybersquid overlord shall be in evolve both as monster and hunter >:)