New hunter ability ideas!


Ok I’ve only thought of a couple but…

Support - maybe a mini force field that negates all damage and could protect all four hunters if they stood around support, support is unable to move while it is being deployed same concept as jacks repulsor in that it can only be used for a shortish amount of time but not too short as it could be used so someone else can pick up a downed hunter.

Trapper - maybe a homing type weapon that shoots orbs that’ll home in on the monster and deal damage when it hits, possibly too unreliable as a tracking mechanism but it could be cool idk

Assault - An omni - directional attack dealing heavy damage around assault, possibly involving lasers emitting from assault.

Medic - haven’t really thought about medic tbh

any ideas guys?


So… you mean Jack…


And Lennox


well… it’s not really a force field but ok I see what ya mean… it would be more reliable tho compared to jacks repulsor.


Lennox… hmm… hmmm… lennox’s thunder strike strike doesn’t really have a big radius and she has to jump ie can miss


Support Idea

Damage Drone: A small deployable drone that is similar to the Shield Drone in the sense that it takes a short time to charge up and releases a beam with a 60m range.

The beam connects to the monster and has somewhat the same effect as the Damage Amp. However, the drone has a slightly larger capacity, and increases damage less than the amp. It only amps it up by x1.5.


Trapper - short distance teleport - wraith esque


Support or Trapper - An ability to control big wildlife, may turn out to be kinda lame

  • also maybe an ability with the same concept as Abe’s tracking darts, you could shoot wildlife and they would have the tracking dart effect plus if ingested or shot at the monster would debuff it.